British Council Ukraine

We strengthen ties between Ukraine and the United Kingdom in the Arts, English, Higher Education and Society. We provide educational opportunities to Ukrainians in English for individual and professional development, and administer examinations and tests from the UK. 

Last year (2015), more than 100,000 people took part in our programmes or activities with a further 2,300,000 using our digital services, including English language resources and more than 1 ml using our publications and broadcast products.    

In the Arts, we showcase contemporary works from the UK, and develop skills for the creative sector. Our partners include the Odessa International Film Festival, Sheffield Film Festival in the UK, ArtHouseTraffic and numerous creative hubs and individuals around Ukraine. Our weekly Selector radio show is listened to by more than 750,000 people through the Prosto and Aristocrats radio networks in Ukraine. 

In English, we are working with the Ministry of Education and in-service colleges to provide continuous professional development for 37,000 English language teachers and we provide support to the Year of English in Ukraine. We teach around 3,000 students a year through our Kyiv English School and administer 13,700 examinations or tests.   

In Higher Education, we build links between the UK and Ukraine’s higher education sector, in areas such as industry/university links and the internationalisation of higher educationquality assurance; we build capacity of university leadership and contribute to students’ self-governance. 

In Society, we work more than 50 partners in Ukraine to develop skills for Active Citizenship and support implementation of more than 250 social action projects within local communities that involve more than 40,000 citizens around Ukraine.

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