Anthony has been Artistic Director at Dance City in Newcastle for the past 5 years. Dance City - growing and developing the organisation, with more people from the community now coming to take a social dance classes there, as well as more students taking formal dance education there. Previous to this he was Artistic Director of both Dance Digital and Gloucestershire Dance. Anthony is strongly committed to embedding dance as a contemporary art form in the wider community and exploring ways for people to discover dance, either as a pastime, as a way to get fit, as an audience member, as an education or as a professional producing work. In his role he leads on the business planning and development strategies. He produces new work and programme for the theatre, working closely with dance makers regionally, nationally and internationally.
Anthony is not a dance maker but has a deep passion for the form. He is passionate about the place of the arts in our society and believe that we can all benefit from a thriving arts ecology and economy. He is a strong advocate for cultural policy and has helped develop the overarching cultural policy landscape in the North East of England; this is an area he's looking to explore at PhD level next year.
In Ukraine Anthony is hoping to be able to put his passions to use and help develop the overarching cultural policy framework, embedding the arts in contemporary life, not as a heritage but as a vibrant, social, engaging activity that all can be involved in, whomever they are.

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