Британська Рада оголошує переможців конкурсу підтримки проектів соціальної дії програми "Активні Громадяни"

Британська Рада в Україні

British Council has announced the winners of social actions projects competition for "Active Citizens" - project for youth in the area of intercultural dialogue and social development. 53 projects were supported, the British Council total funding is UAH 907 669.92, partners co-funding is UAH 921 925.46. Project teams will start inplemetnation in June; projects will be delivered by the end of October 2018.

No Title Location Partner British Council funding Their co-funding Aim of project
1 Flowerbed. Inclusion and Сooperation Pivdenne, Kharkiv reg Association of Young Scientists KhPI 15,000.00 2,000.00 Inclusion and Сooperation” is a project aimed at building mutual trust and collaboration of people with and without disabilities by creating flowerbeds in boarding houses territory, where people of all ages with mental and musculoskeletal impairments  live
2 The tournament of table games between youth in teen clubs "Youth in the Cube" Khmelnytskyi Bridge 14,293.00 23,500.00 The project aims to create an alternative recreation for youth in a healthy environment
3 The student intellectual festival "Wunderkinder" Ternopil Bridge 12,000.00 16,200.00  The student intellectual festival "Wunderkinder" provides competition between pupils' teams of the Ternopil region during the intellectual games such as: "Brain ring", "What? Where? and When?", "True or False", intellectual quest, sport crosses and zeros 5 in Row and other
4 The light unites the villages Muzykivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 4,500.00 The street lighting scheme in which floodlights are connected to an electrical grid of a particular household
5 Safety on the road. Price is – life Muzykivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 6,100.00 Creating proper conditions for adherence to the Road Traffic Rules by schoolchildren 
6 Happy community today – a successful generation of tomorrow Tokarinka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 14,155.00  5,939.14 On the territory of the village Council Tokarska there's no place where they would create proper conditions for organization of leisure of citizens in the fresh air (the elderly, families with children, young people), their communication to reduce destructive conflicts between people
7 Together to a Healthy Future! Novomykolaiivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 4,785.00 Popularization of a healthy lifestyle among the population of the community
8 The project’s activities are directed at raising the level and quality of life, creating comfortable and safe conditions and establishing friendly relations between the citizens. Chulakivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 14,496.25 5,577.00 The project’s activities are directed at raising the level and quality of life, creating comfortable and safe conditions and establishing friendly relations between the citizens. 
9 Pull the muscles, gain strength and health Myrne, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 9139,96 Youth gym in the village Myrne
10 Mega - a playground Vynogradove, Kherson reg haritable fundation Union 15,000.00 21,013.00 a playground
11 Illumination of streets is a not luxury, butnecessity. Brylivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 14,800.00 6,350.00 Illumination of streets is a not luxury, butnecessity.ка
12 Social animation Muzykivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 10,044.00 3,230.00 Social animation
14 Life needs movement! Tavriyske, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 4,829.00 Life needs movement!
15 The joy of childhood is the joy of cognition! Novomykolaiivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 5,800.00 Creating a modern and comfortable place for relaxation at school, which provides a positive emotional state of the students, teachers and parents
16 Sport for All Velykopankivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 14,819.00 4,500.00 The cabinet Curative physical culture in the Velikokopanivskoe secondary school I-III degrees. Socialization and adaptation of children with health problems through of Curative physical culture.
17 Interesting break Bilozerka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union" 14,800.00 5,200.00  Setting up a recreation area for pupils of grades 1-4 of the Bilozerka Lyceum named after O.Ya.Pechersky by combining the efforts of the school administration and the parents community
18 Learning is Great! Novomykolaiivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 4696,50 To create safe learning conditions for the young generation
19 With sports from childhood - health for years Abrykosivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 14,891.00 4,500.00 With sports from childhood - health for years
20 To the doctor with joy Kochubeiivka, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 11,390.00 6,978.00 Creation in the Kochubeyevka`s outpatient clinic of the general practice of family medicine a comfortable and simultaneously developing waiting zone for reception by a doctor for children and their parents
21 School recycling-Our waste-free village Dniprovske,Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 9,450.00 0.00 The idea of our project is to teach children to sort garbage at school and earn additional funds for the needs of schoolchildren and for the development of schools: improvement of the school's territory, sports ground, etc.
22 The magic of light Muzykivka, Kherson region Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 4,480.00 The magic of light
23 Grow healthy, baby Rozlyv, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 4,900.00 Grow healthy, baby
24 Look at us as equal Novomykolaivsk, Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00  5,500.00 The installation of a ramp in a preschool institution as one of the conditions for the creation of accessible barrier entry for children with disabilities.
25 Chaplinka social activism Chaplinka , Kherson reg Charitable fundation Union 15,000.00 7,200.00  This project is about how to create and equip a place for socially-oriented measures for people who need help in  Chaplinka community
26 Summer space Nizhyn, Chernihiv reg Chernihiv Regional Youth Centre 14,980.00   5,525.00  «Summer space» is an open platform for nonformal and informal education, creativity, ieisure and experience exchange for pupils and teachers of the Nizhyn House of Children and Youth
27 New knowledge for active youth Berezan, Kyiv reg National Youth Council of Ukraine 14,737.00  11,004.00 The acquaintance of the student youth five rural communities, that soonly will join Berezanska community with the most active youth of Berezan town during the trainings, laying by Ukrainian highly qualified specialists and future coworking during the realization of initiatives
28 Ukrainian Debate Championship 2018 Dnipro, Odesa, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk and other National Youth Council of Ukraine 14,380.00  200,900.00  Description: the all-Ukrainian debate tournament “Ukrainian Debate Championship 2018” is the final debate contest, which sums-up a 2017\2018 debate season and identifies the best debate team of Ukraine
29 Sports for children with autism and Down syndrome Bila Tserkva, Kyiv reg  NGO "Cultural dialogue 15,000.00   Promotion of  better performing sports and recreational activities for children with autism and Down syndrome (group of up to 10 children) with participation of volunteers from the Red Cross Society of Ukraine (15-20 people) from September to December 2018
30 Conducting of the 5th Interregional Inclusive Festival "Rogoziv Kut" Rogoziv, Zhytomyr reg NGO "Cultural dialogue" 15,000.00 42,860.00 Integration of disabled people into the society, by involving them in culture and art, holding an interregional inclusive festival with the participation of representatives of seven regions of Ukraine and Moldova
31 Space of Initiatives Poltava NGO "Cultural dialogue" 15,000.00 18,550.00 Making a Creative Space for the students’ self-development
32 The source of inspiration Pokrovsk, Donetsk reg NGO "Cultural dialogue" 15,000.00 10,275.00 Promote the process of rehabilitation and social adaptation of people with disabilities by means of art
33 The Art Workshop for Children and Adults Oleksandria, Kirovohrad reg NGO "European Club" 12,449.85 2,307.32 On basis of Central Central library we are going to create "The Art Workshop for Children and Adults", in which master classes, exhibitions of finished works and charity fairs will be held, will allow creative people of the city to feel their significance, to find themselves in creativity, to feel the opportunity to change their own lives, change their attitude to the world and to form leadership skills as a talented person, as well as to look at a hobby as a separate business, which may be the impetus for a decision to open its own business
34 Light way Vuhledar, Donetsk reg NGO "Mariupol Youth Union" 14,841.00 5,000.00 Improving conditions for a comfortable and safe life of people
35 Cultural and-educational centre "Life experience" Novomykolaivka, Zaporizhzhia reg NGO "Melitopol Jewish Community" 13,852.00 5,160.00 Creation of coworking on the basis of a cultural and educational center for youth and local community; creation of a link network for dissemination and retrieval of information on this topic
36 Boccia – a game for all  Melitopol NGO "Melitopol Jewish Community" 14,165.82 23,641.00 Boccia – a game for all! The involvement of people with disabilities to an active lifestyle through the introduction of the new  game
37  Fairyland Melitopol NGO "Melitopol Jewish Community" 11,910.00 6,250.00 To teach kids of wolk wisdom increase knowledge about world in which we now live with the help of tales and child scientific literature
38 Safe Yarova Yarova, Donetsk reg NGO "Mitsna Hromada" 15,000.00 1,200.00 Safe Yarova – installation of reflective placards on the village street with the street plans for more efficient and quick search of the required addresses by ambulance and firefighters vehicles in order to provide timely assistance to the local population
39 New furniture and communications for the kitchen block of Educational Complex Novoselivka, Dnetsk reg NGO "Mitsna Hromada" 14,800.00 26,000.00 New furniture and communications for the kitchen block of Educational Complex
40 Playground of the future Soledar, Donetsk reg NGO "Mitsna Hromada" 14,590.00 0.00 Our school playground of the future is the best place for outdoor games, recreation and entertainment
41 Implementation of inclusive solutions in the open space for youth - Youth Center Volyn Lutsk NGO "Molodizhna Platforma Volyni" 15,000.00 3,700.00 Creating conditions for the implementation of inclusive solutions in the open space for youth - Youth Center Volyn, by providing a "real center inspection" and following the results of the audit of recommendations from the NGO "Harmony", the first inclusive event for young people in the center. It will attract new audiences and young people with disabilities to the work with the Center
42 Let's fall in love at sport Pavlivka,Volyn reg NGO "Molodizhna Platforma Volyni" 14,930.00 12,000.00 Promotion of sport and healthy lifestyles through the creation of favorable conditions for free regular street training and the organization of competitions in various sports by restoring a sports ground
43 Together to a Healthy Manevychi, Volyn reg NGO "Molodizhna Platforma Volyni" 15,010.00 10,000.00 Arrangement of a recreation area in order to engage the population in live communication and conduction of cultural events and sports activities in the village Troyanivka, Manevitskogo region, by the end of May 2018
44 Tourist and training ground "School of safety" Manevychi, Volyn reg NGO "Molodizhna Platforma Volyni" 14,994.00 3,972.00 Creation of a creative tourist zone in the park, near the Center for Creativity of Children and Youth, in the village of Manevichi in order to attract children and youth towards a healthy lifestyle and active recreation, to improve tourist skills and actions in extreme situations, to conduct trainings and competitions, and to create new projects by the end of 2018
45 Youth space Kivertsi, Volyn reg NGO "Shkola bezpeky ta vuzhyvannia Tyver" 12,295.00 10,230.00 to construct  a unique youth space
46 Farm Family Sievierodonetsk, Luhanks reg NGO "Sievierodonetsk Youth Council" 14980,00 44158,00 Creation of a friendly family place in gardening "Ranok" to strengthen the community of gardeners. The place includes: an arbor, a children's playground, a volleyball court, a summer cinema.
47 Library mobile pavilion Khorol, Poltava reg NGO "Tviy svit" 14,735.00 18,550.00 the project "Library mobile pavilion" is a new approach to solving the actual problem of active and useful reading of children and teens in the summer
48 Police friendly to the child Gadiach, Poltava reg NGO "Tviy svit" 13,692.00 15,470.00  "Police friendly to the child"/ Building a partnership between the police and the local community, creating a comfortable environment for children at the premises of juvenile prevention, prevention of aggressive behavior and conflicts
49 Gatherings - a village public space Andriivka,  Poltava region NGO "Tviy svit" 13,970.00 16,500.00 «Gatherings" - a village public space”/ Overcoming social exclusion and improving the quality of life in rural areas by creating a rural public space
50 Media Liga Sviatohirsk, Donetsk region Partner project. Charitable Fundation Union: NGO "Centre of Innovation and sustainable development"; NGO "Young Initiative"; NGO "School of Media-Patriots" 60,000.00 153,400.00 Partnership development between independent hyperlocal media community in Ukraine and public journalists from IDP, students of displaced higher education institutions and active citizens through the introduction of joint media projects
51 We Are Kyiv, Sumy, Lutsk,Odesa, Vinnytsa Partner project. NGO "City of active citizens"; NGO "Association of Active Citizens" NGO "Harmonia"; NGO "Moloda Hromada"; NGO "Molodizhna Platforma Volyni"; NGO "Centre of Innovation and sustainable development" 75,000.00 118,300.00 Project Video Research "We Are". Who are we?  What are our values?  What are our unique stories? Who is responsible for our life? Many deep questions we will address to different people from all Ukraine. Our goal is to research values, stories, people's responsibilities and reasons of Ukrainians behavior. Why some are more active in public life, and some are not? We want to shoot the movie about different people’s life and inspire everybody to believe that each life is value, that they are the biggest value! When people recognize their life like a value they start to make a changes in their life and as the result - life of their community
52 Smart Networking of youth centers Odesa, Poltava,Cherkasy,Lutsk Partner project. NGO "Moloda Hromada"; Poltava regional youth centre; Cherkassy regional youth resource centre; NGO "Dobropilskyi tsentr molodi "Dobro"; Youth Centre "Novi Kryla" 74,500.00 15,700.00 the project is aimed at increasing the efficiency of existing youth centers, establishing their inter-sectoral links in communities, in particular with the local self-government bodies - the participants of the «Smart interoperability" online education, as well as the wide networking of youth centers of Ukraine with the help of modern online tools
53 StudGraund Vinnytsia V. Stus Donetsk National university 12,743.00 27,350.00 ur project is the  аrrangement of the «StudGraund» for  Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University students by installing benches,  rubbish bins, stage, tables, parking place for bicycles etc  in March-April 2018