Initially, an organisation should familiarize itself with the biography of each of the six British Canny Creatives Project participants. Drawing from these, select one with whom your organisation would prefer to work for three weeks this October (2015). Then put together two documents: 1) a brief description (no more than a single A4 sheet) of your organisation, and 2) a motivation letter indicating why you selected this particular individual, what you plan to work on with his/her help, and how this will further the development of your organisation.  Send your two documents to:

Application Deadline - June 21, 2015. No exceptions.

The organisation submitting the winning proposal will be informed by letter on July 20, 2015.

The organisation which is chosen should finalise details for October with the British side during the months of July and August.

On 14-15 September 2015, the British Council requests both the Ukrainian and the British sides to be present in Kyiv for an official introduction. The British Council will provide accommodation and travel expenses for Ukrainian organisations that are required to travel from beyond Kyiv, as well as for the accommodation of the British party.

On 16-18 September 2015, the two sides will meet to confer on the terms of their cooperation.

Beginning on 11 October 2015, for three weeks the British and Ukrainian parties will work side by side on their project. The British Council will provide for the accommodation, meals and transfers of the British partner.

The success of any Canny Creatives programme is directly dependent on solid planning, close communication and a shared interest in achieving a goal.  The British colleagues selected for the programme enjoy broad professional experience and success, have shown marked interest in the Ukrainian cultural space and in establishing new contacts and developing joint international projects.

This is not an opportunity to miss: sign up, and grow your organisation by forging a lasting connection to the vibrant Newcastle arts scene.