What are the financial obligations of the Ukrainian partner  in the Canny Creatives project?

The Ukrainian partner has no financial obligations whatsoever: all travel and logistic expenses, accommodation, per diems and fees for British experts are covered by the British Council. 

How is the language issue addressed and who covers these expenses? 

We’d like to involve organisations interested in developing international cooperation and establishing international connections in this program, and so give preference to organisations with English-speaking employees. The British Council will provide a grant to cover interpreter fees incurred outside normal business hours. 

How will the Ukrainian partner report on the project’s implementation? 

The Canny Creatives programme envisages a questionnaire and final interview format for all project participants in order to evaluate programme efficiency, so you’ll be asked to participate in those. We’ll also ask you to comment on your joint work experience, which we will then use in project promotion(on the British Council blog, website  and social networks, and  in the publications of our project informational partners).

Will there be a preliminary meet-and-greet for the British and Ukrainian experts? 

A preliminary meeting of all project participants is planned for September 14th through 16th, in Kyiv. Over these days, each participating organisation will  have the chance to tell about itself and the specifics of its work. (Note: British Council in Ukraine will cover travel expenses for Ukrainian organisations located outside Kyiv).

Does the program envisage a trip of the Ukrainian partner to the UK?

Everything will depend on the results of the joint sessions. The individual phases of the work will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

Why was Newcastle chosen as the focus for this programme? 

30 years ago, the northeaster English city of Newcastle was known as an industrial town with high unemployment, a passive audience and  slow economic development.  But through local leadership’s renewal strategy,  external investment and the  boost provided by the National Lottery, Newcastle was transformed into one of the most progressive cultural centres in the world. In our opinion, it is a city where Ukrainian organisations  can find a lot  in common with their own national history and culture, and where they will also be able to acquire  much-needed knowledge and instruments to begin the transformation of the Ukrainian arts environment.  

How will the candidates be selected? Who will participate in the expert group? 

Key to the selection of Ukrainian partners for the project is a motivation letter in which you should indicate why you chose this or that expert; what you want to work on together; and how  that will  further the development of your organisation. The expert group making the selection will include a representative of the British Council Ukraine. Independent experts from Ukraine’s cultural sphere will also be included in the process.

Is it possible to change the arrival date in Ukraine of the British experts? 

In recognition of the need for the British experts to plan their further work, the dates for their stay in Ukraine were agreed on during the first stage of Canny Creatives project this past March. They cannot be changed.