Creative entrepreneurs are pivotal figures for the creative economy in many countries: by bridging the gap between artists and consumers, they drive forward the development of the creative and cultural industries.

The British Council, working in partnership with the UK’s innovation foundation Nesta, seeks to help businesses in the cultural and creative sectors around the world to become more competitive, profitable and sustainable.

In partnership with Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by USAID and the Government of Sweden, the British Council  is launching the Creative Enterprise programme in Moldova. The training courses will take place on:

20 – 22 February 2018 - Chisinau (iHUB)

27 February – 1 March 2018 - Chisinau (ZIPhouse)

What is the Creative Enterprise programme?

A three-day training session for emerging entrepreneurs who are running businesses in any of the creative and fashion industries, or for creatives who wish to do so. The training agenda is based on Nesta’s methodology and successful Creative Enterprise toolkit.

The main aim of the programme is to help creative and fashion entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and skills essential to strengthen their businesses and/or transform a creative idea into a sustainable enterprise. 

The British Council and Nesta have been running the Creative Enterprise programme around the world. So far the programme has run in Nigeria, Brazil, UAE, Russia, Vietnam, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, China, Israel and Ukraine. 

When will the Creative Enterprise programme happen in Moldova?

Two Creative Enterprise training courses will take place in Moldova in February - March 2018.

  • 20 - 22 February 2018 - Chisinau (iHUB) – all sectors of creative economy (delivered in Russian)
  • 27 February – 1 March 2018 - Chasinau (ZipHouse) – for fashion businesses and ideas only. Delivered in English.

Participants will be selected through an open call. Each group will accommodate up to 25 people. The training will be delivered in English (with translation into Romanian) or in Russian (see above for arrangements for each specific course)

Who is the Creative Enterprise programme for?

Participants should come from existing or start-up businesses in any of the following sectors: publishing, design, fashion, architecture, visual arts and galleries, music, theatre/dance, film, radio/TV, photography, video games, digital media, festival management, creative hubs, educational projects and IT solution for cultural/creative sectors, crafts, etc.

The Creative Enterprise programme is designed for entrepreneurs at the very start of their business career. It is recommended that participants are either existing entrepreneurs with no more than two years of trading experience, or people at a pre-trading stage, with a creative idea which they wish to turn into a business. 

Sector-specific training for fashion entrepreneurs is open for the following areas of activities: creation of prêt-a-porter brands, IT solutions for fashion (applications and new technologies in clothes design), fashion photography (street style and glossy editions), stylists, PR consultancy, fashion marketing, production of shows, fashion illustration, fashion media (blogs, web sites, glossy editions).


The training lasts three full working days. Three days cover Nesta’s methodology.

The programme will enable participants to explore creative business ideas and their viability whilst developing their basic business skills and understanding of how to run a creative enterprise. Participants will learn how to break down the business process and produce a visual business plan using a blue-printing tool. 

By the end of the training participants should:

  • Be able to identify who their customer base is;
  • Better understand their personal values and business ambitions;
  • Have a clear sense of what success will look like for their business;
  • Understand the interrelation of business, customer expectations and products’/services’ qualities; 
  • Understand the different types of relationships needed in all four key areas of business activity, namely: Generator, Realiser, Distributor and Customer;
  • Understand pricing strategies;
  • Have a framework which describes the key elements needed to connect with customers;
  • Understand the vital role of finances in controlling business activities;
  • Develop a personal survival plan which can guide them through the first years of the business;
  • Understand the principles pf effective cash flow management in order to increase control of business finances.

Requirements and conditions

  • You are a creative entrepreneur with up to two years’ experience of running a business/startup or someone with a tangible idea for a creative business that you wish to set up;
  • Your business/idea/product/ service belongs to one of the creative economy sectors;
  • Your business/ idea/product/ service operates in Moldova;
  • You are available to attend the full duration of the training – all three days.

Participation is on an open call basis. The programme is free of charge. However, there is a small organisational charge of 500 MDL that each participant will need to pay to the organisers on the first day of the training. This sum will cover coffee breaks, lunches, stationery and other learning materials.

Meet the Facilitators

The Creative Enterprise training programme will be delivered by Nesta-accredited facilitators from the UK or Ukraine.

Key dates

Launch of open call: 20 December 2017

Deadline for applications: 21 January 2018

Selection results announced: 2 February 2018

Creative Enterprise training for all sectors of creative economy: 20 - 22 February 2018 - Chisinau (iHUB)

Creative enterprise training for fashion businesses and ideas only: 27 February – 1 March 2018 - Chisinau (ZipHouse) 


Nesta - a UK innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. They are dedicated to supporting ideas that can help improve our lives, with activities ranging from early stage investment to in-depth research and practical programmes. The British Council has been working with Nesta for the past five years, disseminating their research and practical resources around the creative economy and creative entrepreneurship. 

Creative Industries Association in Moldova (COR) - represents the community of businesses, NGOs and organizations in the area of creative industries. Founded in 2017, COR is a platform of dialogue among the creative industries, the government, educational institutions, and donors.

COR is a unified voice supporting and representing Moldovan organizations activating in creative industries by ensuring the growth, education and connecting of local entities locally and internationally.

Moldova Competitiveness Project (MCP)  funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sweden, seeks to support the Government of Moldova’s strategy of export and investment-driven growth by focusing on: increased productivity and quality; expanded market linkages; improved sector-enabling environment. Moldova Competitiveness Project supports export oriented industries like fashion, wine and tourism and ICT clustered with Creative Industries so that they reach a maturity level that promotes sustainable advances in sector competitiveness and that provides well-payed jobs, hereby increasing incomes, alleviating poverty and reducing emigration.

The Association of Light Industry (APIUS) -  represents the community of businessmen and economic agents in textiles, knitwear, clothing, leather goods, footwear and fashion accessories. APIUS is a platform for dialogue between representatives of the private sector as well as with industry actors, including the Government, educational institutions, donors. The Association is dedicated to the competitive development of light industry, confronting the needs of the private sector, state support and the experience of similar professional organizations.

Creative Enterprise Toolkit

A step-by-step interactive resource which lies at the core of the Creative Enterprise programme. It aims to help creative people plan, build, communicate and launch their new creative business. The toolkit provides a useful framework for developing, testing and turning creative ideas into tangible businesses. You can download the toolkit in English and Ukrainian here


In case of questions please contact: email

Application Form

The deadline for applications is 21 January 2018.

What's After the Training?

Creative Enterprise programme is synchronized with ZIP Acceleration programme. It will last 6 months and is dedicated to start-ups in fashion with local and international growth potential, start-ups that develop tech-tech products, those that develop lifestyle products and start-ups in fashion photography.

The participants of ZIP Acceleration programme will benefit of:

  • Local and international expertise in product and business development;
  • Access to mentoring and coaching sessions with industry professionals;
  • Workshops and trainings customized to meet the specific needs of your start-up;
  • Support in the creation and development of the brand image;
  • Joint workspaces, software resources and advanced production equipment at ZIPhouse facilities;
  • A workplace in the acceleration zone of ZIPhouse.

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