Opportunities for Creative Enterprise Ukraine Alumni Network

During four years of the Creative Enterprise Ukraine existence, the programme has got 605 alumni, and over 40 alumni have got the post-training individual support for their projects. The post-training support included mentorship, strategic sessions, seed-funding and partners’ prizes. These opportunities used to be available for the alumni of the latest cohorts only.  

In 2019 we decided to change the way we award opportunities among the Creative Enterprise Ukraine alumni. We realised that the post-training support can be useful for different alumni on various stages of their development (not always just after completing the training). Also, we aimed to make the opportunities distribution more structured and inclusive (not all our alumni were ready to present their project at public pitch event).  

From now on, the call for alumni opportunities will be held regularly every half a year. Opportunities will be open for all alumni independently from a year of Creative Enterprise Ukraine completion.

In every open call you can choose among the following option: 

  • Express Consultancy 
  • Business Mentorship 
  • Strategic Session 
  • Peer group.  

Throughout one open call, you can apply for several opportunities, indicating the priority order. Please choose the opportunity that will suit your current needs the best. The selection will be carried out by our organising team of the Creative Enterprise Ukraine, based on the highest scored rating.  

Please mind, throughout a year you, as the programme alumni, can receive one opportunity only. For instance, if you received any opportunity at the first open call (December 2019 – January 2020), you are entitled to receive another opportunity in a year’s time (not earlier than the third open call). 

At this instance, the first open call of opportunities for Creative Enterprise Alumni Community is closed.

The next open call will start on July 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, please, contact us at ce@britishcouncil.org.ua

Express Consultancy

Express consultancy is ideal when finding solution for specific operational challenges. This format offers expert’s expertise without getting in-depth into your idea/project. Namely, the expert can share his/her experience in facing similar situations, evaluate your case and form the key factors in development.  

Duration: 2 hours.

Periodicity: 1 time.

Format: online talk or offline (if you are based in the same city with an expert, travel expenses are not covered).

Six-month Business Mentorship

This opportunity offers finding the key answers for development of your business. Mentorship can be considered as a long-term path for your business improvement, a period to evaluate your decisions and hypotheses. The plan for the whole period of work is set with your mentor at the first session. Business mentorship is expected to focus on your business needs, not personal development. 

Duration: 6 sessions, 2 hours each. 

Periodicity: 1 session per month. Overall, business mentorship lasts no longer than six months. 

Format: online talk or offline (if you are based in the same city with an expert, travel expenses are not covered).

Strategic Session

A strategic session is an intensive work on a long-term vision of your business development, getting a working plan for the next period of your enterprise. It is crucial that your business partners also join and work with you as a team.  

Duration: 2 sessions, 1 entire day each. 

Periodicity: 1 session per month.  

Format: offline (the expert arrives at the location organised by the group, expert travel fees covered).

Peer Group

It is a group of mutual support between Creative Enterprise Ukraine alumni. The peer group consists of 4-5 alumni based in Lviv and an expert. The sessions of the peer group are dedicated to the participants’ businesses development. Here they can receive a piece of advice and feedback from each other. This group plays the role of an informal steering committee. 

Duration: 6 sessions 4 hours each.  

Periodicity: 6 sessions throughout a year. 

Format: offline (expert and participants arrive at the office/studio of a participant from the group, travel fees not covered).