At the British Council, you are not learning English on your own. All our courses are taught by highly qualified, experienced teachers who are best placed to give constructive, individualised feedback and monitor your progress through regular in-class evaluated tasks. Meet some of our myClass teachers:

Liudmyla Konoplenko

Mila is from Luhansk. She’s got a PhD in teaching languages (English for specific purposes). She completed her CELTA in 2014, TYLEC in 2015 at the British Council, Kyiv, and CPE in 2018. She is currently undertaking her DELTA. Before joining the British Council, Mila taught general English and English for Specific Purposes in her alma mater.

Lyudmila Yezhachenko

Lyudmyla is from Uman and has a degree of the Kyiv National Linguistic University as a Teacher of English Language and Literature. She also has a CELTA and IHCYLT.She has been working as a teacher for over ten years and joined the British Council Kyiv in April 2008. She enjoys teaching Young Learners and General and Business English to adults.

Maria Penner

Maria was born in Samara, Russia.  She graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University with a Master’s Degree in English and Spanish. Before discovering her passion for teaching she also studied Hospitality and worked in marketing. She holds a CELTA, a DELTA and an IHCYLT. She also has a Cambridge Proficiency in English certificate (Grade A). Maria joined the British Council in 2010. She particularly enjoys teaching General English to adults and young learners.

Marigold Gordon-Gray

Marigold is from Wolverhampton, England. She read Russian and Soviet Studies at the University of London. After working in art publishing for several years, she completed her CELTA in 2008. She gained a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector in 2011. Marigold started her teaching career in the UK, moving to Bulgaria, where she taught for 3 years, in 2013. She joined British Council Ukraine in 2016.

Martin Ogilvy

Martin is from the North of England, but has lived and worked abroad for many years. He studied Philosophy at Sheffield University and got a BA (Hons) degree. He has worked in Russia, UAE, Korea and in 2013 he came to Ukraine.Martin got his CELTA in 1996, his DELTA in 2001 and his CELTYL in 2005.

Maryna Boiko

Maryna is from Kyiv and has a BSc in Statistics from Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, as well as a BA in Translations from the Kyiv National Linguistic University. She got her CELTA in 2015. She has been teaching English with both responsibility and enthusiasm since she was 19. Her teaching interests include thinking of ways adults can improve their English not only in the classroom but also outside and varying real-life activities of the lesson.

Natalia Bets

Natalia Bets is from Kyiv, Ukraine and has an MA in English and French philology and interpreting from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.Natalia has been teaching English for more than 5 years. She completed her CELTA in 2014 and joined the British Council Kyiv in July 2014. Natalia is very passionate about teaching and enjoys sharing her positive attitude with her students, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the class and trying out new approaches to teaching.

Natalia Kazmina

Natalia graduated from Dnipropetrovsk National University where she studied Ukrainian and English Philology. She got her CELTA in 2013 and her IHCYLT in 2014 at “International House”. She started her teaching career in 2008 and worked for “Oxford Klass” and “International House” for several years. She joined the British Council in 2014. Natalia constantly works on her professional development, loves teaching kids and is very keen on using various modern techniques and activities on her lessons.

Natalia Oliinyk

Natalia is from Zhytomyr and has a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Zhytomyr State University. She moved to Kyiv in 2011 and started her teaching career in a state school.  Natalia took part in the project “English Teachers as Change Agents” and did her CELTA in 2016 and has been working as a teacher trainer conducting workshops for Ukrainian teachers within the Ministry of Education and the British Council Ukraine programmes.

Natalie Martens

Natalie was born in western Ukraine. She has lived in Canada, the US, Poland, Germany, South Korea and China. She studied Education and Languages in Colorado. She taught English in Asia for many years before returning to Ukraine. She has been teaching at the British Council since winter 2012. Natalie has a CELTA and a TYLEC and loves teaching younger learners.