We are happy to announce that we are launching myClass writing lessons. From now on you can attend this type of lesson if you want to focus on developing your writing skills.

myClass writing lessons are a new and exciting component of myClass. Book them if you would like to:

  • Learn how to write formal and informal emails, reports and essays
  • Communicate with English-speaking friends and/or business partners more confidently
  • Get individual feedback from a teacher on your grammar, vocabulary and spelling
  • Practise new words and phrases that can only be used in writing
  • Prepare for an international English exam like IELTS, FCE or CAE.

Each lesson is based on the successful myClass model:

  • Discussing what you already know about the topic
  • Looking at writing samples and analysing them
  • Practising the language you will need to complete the writing task
  • Creating your first draft and discussing it with other students

After the lesson you will have one calendar week to complete the writing assignment and send it to a dedicated British Council address. The teacher will mark it and send it back to you with comments and grades.

The writing lessons are now available for booking on the OBS just like the regular myClass lessons.