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These are free one-to-one consultations with an expert teacher that any myClass student can attend at least three times per level. These consultations help you review your progress and get support in meeting your study goals. You can book a session in the myClass booking system.

At the start of the course your Academic Advisor gives you recommendations and sends you an action plan to follow during the course. In the middle of the course you report on your progress and get more support and advice. At the end of the course you assess your progress together with the Academic Advisor and set goals for future.


What is myClub?

myClub is a free extra-curricular programme for myClass students that includes a wide range of language-based, cultural and social activities that will help you boost your communication skills, build confidence and develop your English with topics that interest you in a fun and friendly environment.  

Grammar Doctor

These grammar focused sessions delivered by our experienced teachers will help you focus on those areas of grammar you need additional support in. Targeted focus in these areas helps you maximise your progress. 

  • Grammar Doctor sessions take place on Wednesday at 19:30-20:30 and on Thursday at 14:15-15:15

Speaking Club

Learning a language takes practice. That’s why it’s important to use English as often as you can. Come to Speaking Club, and practise your speaking skills while making new friends! 

  • Speaking Club sessions take place on Monday and Friday at 19:30-20:30 and on Tuesday at 14:15-15:15

(see the detailed timetable below) 

To book myAdvisory, Speaking Club and Grammar Doctor sessions, you now can use myClass online booking system! All myClass specials are scheduled there. 

Please cancel your registration if you are unable to attend a myClub session so that other students can attend instead.

myClub timetable for myClass students:


21-April (14:15-15:15)

Speaking Club Friends and friendship

22-April (19:30-20:30)

Grammar Doctor Countable and uncountable nouns

23-April (14:15-15:15)

Grammar Doctor First and second conditional

24-April (19:30-20:30)

Speaking club Free-time activities 

27-April (19:30-20:30)

Speaking club Games

28-April (14:15-15:15)

Speaking club Books and Films

29-April (19:30-20:30)

Grammar Doctor  Modals of obligation

30-April (14:15-15:15)

Grammar Doctor  Passive voice

4-May (19:30-20:30)

Speaking club Books and reading in our lives

5-May (14:15-15:15)

Speaking Club The Media

6-May (19:30-20:30)

Grammar Doctor  Modals of advice

7-May (14:15-15:15)

Grammar Doctor  Comparatives

8-May (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club Gender Stereotypes

12-May (14:15-15:15)

Speaking Club Technology

13-May (19:30-20:30)

Grammar Doctor Definite, indefinite articles

14-May (14:15-15:15)

Grammar Doctor Countable and uncountable nouns

15-May (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club Animal Planet

18-May (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club The Natural World
Tuesday 19-May (14:15-15:15) Speaking Club Food
Wednesday 20-May (19:30-20:30) Grammar Doctor First and second conditional
Thursday 21-May (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor Modals of obligation

22-May (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed

25-May (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club Learning experiences

26-May (14:15-15:15)

Speaking Club Globalization

27-May (19:30-20:30)

Grammar Doctor Countable and uncountable nouns 

28-May (14:15-15:15)

Grammar Doctor First and second conditional

29-May (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club Bribery and corruption

1-June (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club Men and Women

2-June (14:15-15:15)

Speaking Club How to Say No

3-June (19:30-20:30)

Grammar Doctor Modals of obligation

4-June (14:15-15:15)

Grammar Doctor Passive voice

5-June (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club Now and then

9-June (14:15-15:15)

Speaking Club When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you

10-June (19:30-20:30)

Grammar Doctor Modals of advice

11-June (14:15-15:15)

Grammar Doctor Comparatives

12-June (19:30-20:30)

Speaking Club Animal Rights

Academic Skills

12 brand-new Academic Skills lessons for each level from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced will help develop your language and skills in new practical contexts. You will discuss topics related to education, practice taking part in tutorials and webinars, develop useful strategies to understand spoken and written English and even improve your pronunciation.

Our Academic Skills lessons were created specifically for university students and professors, researchers, exam candidates and anyone else who would like to use English in more formal situations. 

Learner Notebook

Ask your teacher for a Learner Notebook and use it in every lesson for great results.

With the help of the Learner Notebook, you can

  • Have answers to frequently asked myClass questions at your finger tips
  • Take lesson notes quickly and easily
  • Remember more words using graphic organisers
  • Understand grammar structures with the help of charts and timelines.

Use every opportunity to revise what you have learned.