Fashion DNA Ukraine was established in 2015 with the aims of identifying, supporting and celebrating emerging Ukrainian talents and to create links between them and the UK fashion industry. Each year the programme focuses on a particular challenge faced by emerging designers in Ukraine and brings Ukrainian designers and creatives together with UK mentors and collaborators to respond to this challenge.

In 2017-18 Fashion DNA: Ukraine aims to equip emerging Ukrainian designers with skills and knowledge of sales, particularly e-commerce, and apply this knowledge in a creative context through a digital project. UK experts and creatives will be involved in each stage of the project from selection to the launch of a digital activation. Please visit Business Development Workshop Section to learn how to join.  Also as a part of our partnership with Nesta we are offering a basic business skills training to those who are making their first steps into turbulent world of fashion business. Please visit Creative Enterprise Ukraine Section for more information.  In 2017 we will continue our support to the Fashion Awards by providing a prize to the Best Newcomer of the Year. The best Newcomer of 2017 is Katya Silchenko and The COAT by Katya Silchenko. To learn more about the Prize and previous winners, please visit the relevant section below. 

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