The Taking the Stage programme consists of several steps:

  1. Preparing Your Application: following the announcement of the competition, directors are allowed two months to prepare a joint application. Necessary documents include: the completed application form; a letter of guarantee from the theatre administrator; the director’s CV.
  2. Application review by British-Ukrainian competition jury: applications are translated and provided to members of the jury, who review all submitted applications for compliance with contest criteria and assign a score to each submission. Based on the received application scores a contest short-list of 10-12 performances is drawn up.
  3. Preparation for stage presentations: short-listed directors and theatres are invited to Kyiv to give a live, twenty-minute précis of their work before the jury and the general public. Directors and theatres are allowed one month to prepare for a live stage reading.
  4. Live Stage Readings: in the competition’s final stage participants present the concept behind the production onstage, giving the jury insight into the director’s approach to the work. Jury members will want to see “the look” and the genre of the planned performance, the manner the actors will bring to the stage, and hear a brief description by the director of his approach. The British Council will cover both travel and accommodation for directors travelling to Kyiv from other regions of the country. Note well one mandatory condition for stage readings: intellectual property rights must be observed regarding all materials – for music, in particular – employed during the live stage reading.
  5. Programme finalists will be awarded the following: a one-time grant of 50,000 Ukrainian Hryvnia toward the production of the play; mentorship from jury members (British jury members will travel to Ukraine to assist directors at the start and finish of pre-production); copyright clearance for contemporary works when required; information support for the premier (advertising design, joint promotion in social network media, video recording of the premiere, and promotional video-clip based on the premier.)