What is myClub

myClub is a free social programme that gives you an opportunity to practise your English outside of the traditional classroom environment. myClub includes a wide range of language-based, cultural and social activities where you can meet new friends from all myClass levels and interact with them.

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How to register for myClub:

myClub sessions take place on Wednesday and Friday at 19:30-20:30 (see the timetable below).

To choose а myClub session and register, please follow this link.

Please cancel your registration if you are unable to attend a myClub session so that other students can attend instead.

In October, we are piloting Grammar Doctor, a new type of free myClub sessions to answer your questions about English grammar and give you more practice. Come to room 302 at 19.30-20.30 Wednesdays and see!

 myClub timetable for myClass students:





Grammar Doctor: Modals of obligation and permission 19.30-20.30


Science 19.30-20.30


Grammar Doctor: The passive voice and causative passive 19.30-20.30


Thought 19.30-20.30


Grammar Doctor: Reported speech 19.30-20.30


Business 19.30-20.30


Grammar Doctor: Modal verbs for giving advice 19.30-20.30


Every Saturday our students have an opportunity to enjoy films in English and share their impressions in each other’s company. After watching a film, the students are invited to take part in the discussion led by one of our teachers.

myMovie sessions take place on Saturdays at 15.15-18.15. The film is shown from 15:15 to 17:15, and the discussion is from 17:15 to 18:15.

11.11 Poirot – Death in the clouds 15.15 -18.15
18.11 The negotiator 15.15 -18.15
26.11 Two men went to war 15.15 -18.15
02.12 Great expectations 15.15 -18.15
09.12 The Krays 15.15 -18.15

How to register for myMovie:

Active myClass students can attend myMovie absolutely free of charge, but they need to get a ticket at the reception. 

Please note: every myClass student can join any myMovie session regardless of how many lessons they have attended previously! Online registration for myMovie is not required.