Study Tour for Creative Hubs Managers

We recognise the vital role of creative hubs in supporting the development of the creative economy ecosystem in Ukraine. As part of the EU-funded House of Europe programme, from 2019 till 2022, the British Council is organising nine study tours for Ukrainian creative hub managers to different European countries.  

Through these study tours, participants will observe the various innovative models and approaches to creative hubs management and will get a chance to establish new partnerships. 

Each study tour has its own focus, yet the overall objectives of all nine study tours are:

  • To help professional creative circles in Ukraine get a more specific understanding of what a creative hub is and its functions;
  • To contribute to the formation amongst creative hub managers in Ukraine of a long-term strategic approach in managing and developing creative hubs by offering examples and models from European countries;
  • To facilitate local and international partnerships between creative hubs in Ukraine and between them and hubs in European countries;
  • To contribute to forming partnerships between different initiatives and stakeholders supporting the creative ecosystem in Ukraine;
  • Through the above objectives, to create or strengthen sectoral or geographic networks and spaces, which can form connecting points for business, cultural institutions, educational establishments and development organisations across all of Ukraine.

The first study tour took place in February 2020 to the UK. The study tour was organised in partnership with the Baltic Creative CIC

Please watch this space for updates on the schedule of study tours and open calls for participants.