Literature is a thriving, diverse, wide-ranging part of the United Kingdom cultural sector with a global reputation for excellence. It embraces everything from basic literacy and picture books to major literary prize winners; from graphic novelists and emerging poets to renowned military historians. The literature sector includes big international publishers and festivals, but is dependent on the dedication of a multiplicity of individuals and small organisations, engaging passionate audiences. 

In Ukraine, we work to create programmes that help to build those important connections and increase mutual knowledge and understanding. We work with individuals and organisations from all parts of the UK literature sector and their Ukrainian counterparts.  

Our programmes often involve travel by UK writers to take part in international festivals and to deliver workshops and master classes. We also develop international collaborations involving experts in literacy and reader development, translation and storytelling; librarians and publishers; illustrators and academics. Many of our programmes also involve bringing Ukrainian writers and literature sector professionals to the UK. We are working to increase the audience for UK literature through digital channels.

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