The Selector Pro is a British Council-sponsored professional development forum for musicians and music producers that came about because of The Selector radio programme, also sponsored by the British Council.

The first forum was held in the summer of 2017 at two venues: Kyiv’s Sentrum Club and Istok Studios. It was dedicated to the theme of music sales and distribution in the digital age and benefited from the presence of British guests like the musician Ghostpoet, sound producer Ken Nelson, digital distribution professional Kameil Sattar and successful Ukrainian artists like ONUKA and The Maneken.

The following winter a second Selector Pro forum was hosted by the IZone Creative Hub and Kyiv’s historic Dovzhenko Centre and dealt with the concept of the synergy of music with other art forms. With more and more experimentation occurring at the intersection of varying disciplines, Selector Pro took on the task of addressing audio-visual performance, visual innovation in music performance, videos, and video game soundtracks.

The UK/Ukraine music network fostered at the Selector Pro forums has led to several successful collaborations between industry professionals from both countries; evidence, perhaps, that music does indeed make the world go ‘round.

The full forum programme is available at the link.

Selector Pro Working languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.