The Last Student real-life show is a simulation game in which you live student years in less than one day!

The goal of the game is to develop participants’ skills in communication, cooperation, decision-making and problem-solving. We have gamified the world of students. Participants improve their game performance during the game: charisma, athleticism, intelligence and creativity. This helps them to go through the next stages of the game, while new challenges are emerging in the lives of virtual university students.

During 6-8 hours of the game participants experience several years of students' life, communication, competition, learning cooperation, getting the opportunity to develop their own character or to join the community to achieve common goals.

The authors of the game are Yurii Marchenko and Myroslav Kryzh, who already had the experience of developing and conducting such games. The pilot game was held at the XI National Student Self-Government Forum, attended by about 200 participants.

In 2019, the Last Student can be invited to your institution of higher education.

What do you need to organise a simulation game in your educational institution?

The game is conducted by gaming masters all over Ukraine with the support of the British Council in Ukraine. To play the game in your city or university you must apply, confirm the ability to organize the event, agree on the date of the meeting with one of the game-masters and gather the team of moderators on the place.

The recommended number of participants is 50-100 people. Participants' experience and skill levels do not matter, since the main task of the community in the game is to learn how to coexist and at the same time achieve the goals. Recommended game duration is 6-8 hours.

The following resources are also required for the game:

  • A room with the ability to organise at least 5 locations (one of them is a sports location);
  • 10 laptops / tablets for placement (student moderators can bring their own devices);
  • 2 workspaces for game masters and a computer secretary and printer;
  • Flipcharts (or boards) at each location and at the venue of the general meeting of the university;
  • Projector or TV to demonstrate the current situation at the university;
  • Print distribution materials for the game (up to 100 pages).

To apply for the Last Student game at your institution of education or additional clarifications write to

In the letter, please, specify:

  • Information about the local organiser (the name of your institution of higher education, public organisation, OSS, initiative group, etc.);
  • Your contact information (name and surname);
  • For whom the game is planned (description of the target audience, number of participants and how they will be selected);
  • Venue (city and location), desired date (not earlier than 2 weeks from the request);
  • Are you ready to provide the resources that are needed for the event (if not — please indicate what you need help with).