Study Tours for Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is dynamically growing in European countries, addressing unemployment, social protection and social inclusion.  

As part of House of Europe, from 2019 till 2022 the British Council will organise nine study tours for Ukrainian social Entrepreneurs to different European countries. 

Through these study tours we will aim to look at different aspects of social enterprise (including enabling policies, business strategy and business models, product development, social responsibility business principles, sustainability and etc), and will observe the best models and approaches existing in countries across Europe. 

The objectives of all nine study tours will be: 

  • to broaden people-to-people contacts, enhance cooperation and provide opportunities for networking, establishing partnerships, between Ukrainian and European social enterprises (and social entrepreneurs); 
  • to enhance sustainable interregional and international exchange, fostering mobility and mutual understanding among social enterprises (and social entrepreneurs);
  • through the previous two objectives, to increase the capacity of social enterprises and the skills of social entrepreneurs in Ukraine. 

At the end of each study tour we expect that participants will have learned about different available models and approaches in Europe and will have had the chance to establish a network of contacts and will have received hands-on advice and observations applicable for their work back in Ukraine. 

Please watch this space for updates on the schedule of study tours and available open calls for participants. 

Become Participant of the first Study Tour  

The first study tour will take place from 10 till 14 of February to Latvia. The study tour is organised in partnership with The Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia (SEAL) and will show a variety of business models used and support mechanisms designed for the development of social entrepreneurship in Latvia. 

Who can apply?  

This study tour is for social entrepreneurs.   

Eligible candidate should be a social entrepreneur or manager at a decision-making level of an existing social enterprise or social enterprise activists / trainers / expert.

Please mind that the working language of the study tour is English. 

People with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply. 


Study tour will accommodate eight participants selected via open call. All travel, accommodation and food covered by organisers.