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Social entrepreneurship is dynamically growing in European countries, addressing unemployment, social protection and social inclusion. The UK now has an estimated 60,000 social enterprises, ranging from organisations training unemployed people to social care services and even community-owned inns!

Social enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives whose profits are directed mainly at self-development, public affairs or resolving social problems. Being entrepreneurial is much more than just doing a deal. It’s also about creating the ideal: empowering your community and solving social problems.

The programme ran in Ukraine from 2010-2013 in partnership with the East Europe Foundation, Erste Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Ukrainian Fund of Support to Entrepreneurship and the International Renaissance Foundation. The programme helped social entrepreneurs in Ukraine set up their own companies by providing legal, consultancy and financial support. Regional centres of support for social entrepreneurs have been created in Kyiv, Lviv and Donetsk.

Videos about project participants, cases studies of social enterprises in Ukraine, articles on social enterprise and much more can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Wordpress.

You can also download the Social Enterprise Planning Toolkit, which is a practical “how to” manual for those wishing to form a new or expand an existing social enterprise.


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