myClass, British Council

To encourage you to use a new function on the myClass app during the slow summer days, we are announcing the SUMMER FEEDBACK FRENZY!

To take part:

  1. Attend a myClass lesson
  2. Give us feedback through the app (see below for details) and get a chance to win a free myClass credit
  3. Every feedback entry becomes your ticket for the BIWEEKLY PRIZE DRAW
  4. 2 July, 16 July, 30 July and 13 and 27 August one winner will be selected randomly and get a free myClass credit
  5. The more feedback you leave, the better your chances!

New feedback feature on our mobile app

From 18 June you can:

  • give a STAR rating to each myClass lesson you attend 
  • tell us more details about your lesson experience

This feature is only available on mobile apps, not on the OBS website.

How does it work?

If you have the myClass app, 10 minutes after each class you’ll receive a push notification asking you to rate the lesson you’ve just attended. 

You then have a 90-minute period to rate the lesson. 


If you respond to the notification after this 90-minute period, you will receive an alert informing you that the feedback period has ended.

If you don’t want to receive feedback notifications, you can opt out in the settings section of the app.

How to give feedback

When you click on the notification or open the app within 90 minutes, you’re asked to give the lesson a rating out of a maximum of 5 stars. 

Once you’ve given your rating, press “Next” to move on to the more detailed feedback screen. 

If you don’t want to give more feedback, tap the close X icon in the top right corner.

Tell us more

The next screen will ask you a question with 7 prompts about different aspects of the lesson:

  1. Difficulty (e.g. lesson too easy/difficult?)
  2. Activities (e.g. effective, engaging, enjoyable?)          
  3. Topic (e.g. relevant/interesting)
  4. Lesson materials (e.g. helpful/attractive/clear in layout)
  5. Environment (e.g. classroom layout, number of students, light, temperature)
  6. Audio (e.g. clear, too fast/slow)
  7. Other (anything else you’d like to tell us)

You can select as many aspects as you like.

To send us your feedback, you must tap on the “Submit” button.