myClass has been developed for people who have busy lives full of urgent meetings and unexpected calls. This product will also suit perfectly people who want to study more intensively to achieve best results as soon as possible, as well as those who have too many plans and need to study less intensively. Meet some of our students.



Kateryna is a student. Her timetable at university often changes and she finds it hard to commit to a regular time for English each week. Also, she wants to study English less when she has a lot of exams, and more at other times. With myClass she can adjust her English studies to her university timetable. myClass also gives her the opportunity to decide how often she studies. Some weeks she comes to English classes 4-5 times, but she has important exams, she doesn’t come at all.


Anna is a very busy woman. She has a lot of meetings and frequent business trips both inside and outside Ukraine. She is committed to learning English because it is very important for her job, but she can’t commit to a traditional English course at the same times each week, with no possibility to take a break. With myClass she has the flexibility to study more often her schedule allows, but not lose out when she cannot attend.


David has plans to earn a Masters Degree abroad. He wants to learn English as quickly as possible so that he can get the IELTS score he needs, and also communicate well in his new country. He has time to attend classes intensively, but most traditional courses are only available once or twice a week. With myClass he can control his own learning plan so that he makes progress in English more quickly.


Andriy likes value for money. He hates the idea that if he is too busy to attend a lesson because of work or family commitments, he loses the class (and the money). He likes myClass because if he needs to cancel a lesson, he misses out on nothing and just reschedules the lesson to a more convenient time.


As a working mum, Sophia needs to plan her time very carefully. She tries to make sure that she has time to come to English classes twice a week, but often has to cancel if she has to attend an event at the school like a parents’ evening, a Christmas party or a school play. She found this frustrating in the past, but with myClass can simply reschedule her studies.


Danylo has been studying English at the British Council for the last three years. He likes to come at the same times each week and can easily plan his life around this. For him myClass hasn’t meant much change. He still comes at the same time every Tuesday and Thursday. But he does appreciate the peace of mind that if he has to miss a lesson for any reason, he won’t lose anything at all.