During the pitch that took place in Kyiv on February 13, 2017, among representatives of the displaced universities, the participants had the opportunity to present their projects and refine them with the help of the Active Citizens facilitators for their presentation final pitch.

The winning project "Informational programme for children in areas affected by war «Child's life: teach to safe»" is very relevant, thanks to it kids will be trained and informed about the danger near the territory where the war is going on. The project  “Art-Lighthouse” – hostel renovation" in Pokrovsk will help students in exile to renovate and transform their hostel into a modern living space.


The winners of the pitch were fourteen projects. These are: “Science –  it's simple!”, “Raising legal awareness among people in Sumy rural areas by professionals from Sumy State University””, “Space for psychological assistance”, “Movement without restrictions”, “Lutsk NTU Student Council reconstruction”, “Workspaces in students' hostels”, “Seminars on safety with weapons”, “Active Students’ Space”, “BikeCITY”, “Support School – centre for civil activity”, “Tourism as a way of life”, “Trash-art playground "Eco-planet close to uni”. 

Конкурс проектів соціальної дії серед представників переміщених ВНЗ 4
Конкурс проектів соціальної дії серед представників переміщених ВНЗ 3