Professional Skills

Whether you want to excel in delivering presentations, or writing effective emails, or communicating with your colleagues and business partners, choose one of our courses to develop your soft skills with our highly qualified trainers. 

Professional Skills courses do not focus on English development, although you will improve your workplace English. These courses are aimed at anyone who needs strong communication skills to ensure success in projects, working relationships and teams. 

See immediate results by going through one of our 8-module training courses to develop the skills you need most and start applying your newly acquired knowledge right away.  

Be flexible in choosing one or more courses, depending on how intensively you would like to study. Online learning with teachers in real time gives you the opportunity to join our workshops from anywhere. 

Tap into practical content through realistic and authentic communicative activities, case studies and action plans. Our modular programmes provide a clear learning pathway, helping you build on your skills throughout the course. Participants receive trainer and peer feedback, as well as self-reflect to set goals, monitor progress and plan how to implement the learning in their workplace. 

Learn with professionals on our courses that were designed in close consultation with experts in the field of business from around the world. They also draw on the latest academic thinking and research to ensure they are up to date. Besides holding university degrees and recognized qualifications in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, our trainers are specifically accredited to run Professional Skills workshops.

Our trainers: 

Anna Belova

Teacher of English Corporate Courses, British Council Kyiv

Specialist in Professional Skills courses and event management, teaching corporate classes, delivering online and face-to-face workshops.

MA English and German (St.Petersburg State University), Twin School (London) Cert, Cambridge CELTA

Hanna Shahina   

Academic Adult and Corporate Courses Coordinator, British Council Kyiv  

Specialist in teaching corporate classes, teacher training, delivering online and face-to-face workshops and writing Professional Skills courses.  

MA (Hons) English and German, Trinity Diploma in TESOL, Cambridge CELTA 

Mariya Dynnichenko

Higher Teacher of English, British Council Kyiv 

Specialist in teaching and training (soft skills and professional development), developing and delivering online and face-to-face courses and workshops.

MA (Hons) English and Psychology, MA Speech Therapy, Cambridge CELTA (Pass A) and DELTA, IHCTYL.

Course information: 

Level: B2 minimum 

Course format: online in virtual classrooms with our trainers in real-time. Class size of 6 to 12 students. Standard course is 12 hours divided in 8 modules. Each module is 90 minutes. The duration of each course is 4 weeks with 3 hours of learning per week on Saturday or Sunday.

Advanced Presentation Skills course

Take your presentation skills to the next level! You will develop skills in analyzing audience types, selecting and storyboarding key messages and using storytelling techniques to engage your audience. You will learn how to build real connection with your audience and use impactful vocabulary to make your presentation more memorable. You will also practise techniques for handling a range of challenging situations and adapting your presentations on-the-go. 

Learning Outcomes 

After attending the course you will be able to: 

  • engage a range of diverse audiences in your presentations  
  • present with credibility and impact  
  • respond to a variety of challenging situations during your presentations. 

Сourse Outline

Advanced Presentation Skills essentials

  • Review of presentation fundamentals
  • Micro-presentations: your case study
  • Goal setting

Planning powerful presentations

  • The POW approach to audience analysis
  • Different audience types and their needs
  • Developing your key messages

Using storytelling techniques to present

  • Start with a story
  • Organising ideas persuasively
  • End where you started

Engaging your presentation audience from the start

  • Building connection with your audience
  • Making your presentation interactive
  • Using humour with different audiences

Presenting using powerful language

  • Using contrast for impact
  • Using metaphors to enliven your stories
  • Using rhetorical questions to engage

Adapting your presentation on the go

  • Navigating last-minute changes
  • Reading your audience's body language
  • Deviating from your plan mid-presentation

Responding to challenging audiences during presentations

  • Presenting to hostile audiences
  • Engaging disengaged audiences
  • Handling challenging question & answer sessions

Presentation skills mini-clinic

  • Individual presentations (filmed)
  • Evaluating your performance
  • Setting presentation goals

Reports that work

Develops the fundamental skills of report writing. You will develop skills for planning, structuring and writing common types of work reports. Your trainer will guide you through a series of interactive activities, including case studies, discussions and learning games. Throughout the course you will work on your own case study, putting the skills you pick up into practice immediately and completing a report that work.

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • plan, structure and write common types of reports that flow logically and are easy to understand
  • build relationships and engage the reader in your reports from the start
  • write persuasive conclusions and recommendations that result in action.

Course Outline

Report writing fundamentals

  • The features of effective reports
  • Analysing different types of reports
  • Selecting the report type to match your purpose and audience

Writing the background and introduction to a report

  • Addressing reader expectations
  • Setting the context
  • Mapping tenses to events

Writing credible report findings

  • Aligning content to your purpose and audience
  • Using the language of evidence
  • Minimising ambiguity

Using visuals to make reports more appealing (this can include images and icons as well as charts, graphs and tables)

  • Analysing and selecting different types of visuals
  • Principles for designing visuals
  • Writing descriptions of visuals

Writing effective report conclusions

  • Guidelines for conclusions
  • Drafting unbiased conclusions
  • The language of conclusions

Writing persuasive report recommendations

  • Structuring your recommendations
  • Writing suggestions, recommendations and instructions
  • Ending the report with impact

Writing executive summaries

  • Selecting key points for executive summaries
  • Structuring your summary
  • Using hooks

Reports that Work mini-clinic

  • Editing and reviewing your reports
  • Evaluating your performance
  • Setting report-writing goals


Reports That Work 

  • July 3, 2021 — July 24, 2021 

Saturday at 9:30 - 11:00 and 11:30 - 13:00

Advanced Presentation Skills 

  • June 30, 2021 — July 23, 2021 

Wednesday and Friday at 19:45 - 21:15

Price and discounts 

The price for 8-module course is 5 400 UAH.

  • 5% off next purchase of Full Course (not purchased at the same time). 
  • 10% discount on total if purchasing more than 1 course at the same time.