A close-up of laptop with IELTS materials

IELTS Summer Intensive Course

A special online 20-hour course to prepare young learners for the internationally recognised IELTS exam, a very useful qualification for students wishing to study abroad. It focuses on the techniques and strategies needed to develop exam skills, but the learners will be able to use these skills in numerous other academic situations.

The level requirement for this course is B1+

Each EILTS Summer Intensive Course will run for 2 weeks from 17.00 till 19.00 on weekdays throughout the Summer. 

A safe, supportive place to learn  

We are trusted by parents the world over, not only for our expertise in teaching English, but for our high levels of child protection and safeguarding.  

We’ve put in place robust measures to make sure your child is safe during class and that their data is protected.  

Technical requirements  

Zoom can be accessed using a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.   

We do not recommend using a mobile phone because we want to make sure all our students enjoy a quality learning experience. 

You will also need a good Wi-Fi connection.


Each course consists of 20 hours taught online. 

Classes take place on weekdays from 17:00 till 19:00 and last for 120 min.

  Start date End date
Summer Intensive 1 31/05/2021 11/06/2021 
Summer Intensive 2 14/06/2021 29/06/2021 
Summer Intensive 3 30/06/2021 13/07/2021
Summer Intensive 4 14/07/2021 27/07/2021
Summer Intensive 5 28/07/2021 10/08/2021


Online IELTS Summer Intensive 20-hour course price   UAH 5,500
Online IELTS Summer Intensive course price when combined with any Summer Intensive 40-hour course   UAH 5,000

Сourse materials are provided by the British Council.