About this course

We resume teaching our courses face-to-face starting from 5 May. Find out more about our safety measures

Our English course for Beginners and Elementary students, myFoundation, is designed to improve your basic English communication for study, work and daily use across all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

myFoundation modules are taught in a structured way to give you a good foundation for higher levels and prepare you for our flexible offer myClass, which starts from the Pre-Intermediate level. The syllabus includes two myClass lessons in each module.

Level progression is gradual, from simple to more challenging, which provides more support to lower-level students.

Each myFoundation module consists of 20 lessons of 90 minutes run for 10 weeks (1 term). Students are grouped according to their language ability, and one teacher tracks their progress and supports them throughout the course.

What is myFoundation Club?

MyFoundation Club is an extra-curricular programme for myFoundation students (Beginner or Elementary levels) that includes a variety of language-based, cultural and social activities. This will undoubtedly help you improve your language awareness, basic communication skills and build confidence within a wide range of engaging topics. Come and enjoy your studies and interacting in a fun and friendly manner. 

MyFoundation Speaking Club

Being exposed to the target language is of key importance for learning English. So jump at this opportunity to join our myFoundation Speaking Club! This will give you an additional chance to practise your speaking skills, revise what was covered in the classroom and have a good time with friends.

myFoundation Pronunciation Doctor

At lower levels English pronunciation can be a true problem for learners. Feel like improving how your English sounds? Need to work on word and sentence stress? Rhythm? Intonation? Then you are very welcome to join our myFoundation Pronunciation Doctor! In a playful and enjoyable manner, you will be drilling English with your peers, clapping the rhythm with Jazz Chants or improving your articulation with tongue-twisters and limericks!

myFoundation Grammar Doctor 

If you are lost with grammar forms and sentence structure, if you feel you desperately need more explanations, practice and teacher support, these free grammar-focused lessons are just for you. The sessions are designed to revise and recycle what is covered in during the course and they will help you maximize your progress, build your confidence and understanding of this language system. You are very welcome to join us and enjoy studying English grammar in a friendly and supportive atmosphere!

myFoundation Lower Clubs April 2021 (mF 3 – mF 5) 

05.04 Monday 19:45-20:45 Pronunciation Club Sounds /θ/ and /ð/
12.04 Monday 19:45-20:45 Grammar Doctor Daily routines/ adverbs of frequency
19.04 Monday 19:45-20:45 Speaking Club Hobbies (indoor and outdoor activities)
26.04 Monday 19:45-20:45 Pronunciation Club Plosive consonants 

myFoundation Higher Clubs April 2021 (mF 6 – mF 7) 

02.04 Friday 19:45-20:45  Pronunciation Club Word and sentence stress 
09.04 Friday 19:45-20:45  Grammar Doctor  Adverbs of frequency 
16.04 Friday 19:45-20:45  Speaking Club Personality adjectives
23.04 Friday 19:45-20:45  Grammar Doctor  Present Continuous (for 1) things happening now; 2) future arrangements) 
30.04 Friday 19:45-20:45  Speaking Club Food and Drinks

What do you get?

You will develop all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through a variety of communicative tasks.

You will improve your vocabulary and grammar through the context of everyday situations that supports effective learning.

You are in the centre of the teaching process. Your needs, interests and culture as well as your style of learning create the foundation for the teaching process.

You will learn to assess your own progress independently.

There will also be individual counselling with your teacher in the middle and at the end of each term.  

Timetable and price

English for beginners and elementary students

Summer term 2021: 

June 1, 2021 — August 5, 2021 (Tuesday, Thursday) 

June 2, 2021 — August 6, 2021  (Wednesday, Friday) 

June 5, 2021 — August 7, 2021 (Saturday) 

Days and Times 

Please take into account that the schedule of classes depends on the level of English. 

The course lasts ten weeks. Each lesson is 1.5 hours long (twice a week) or 3 hours (once a week). Lessons start at: 

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 19:45 / 19:55 
  • Wednesday and Friday: 19:45 / 19:55 
  • Two classes on Saturday: 9:40 and 11:25 

The cost of the course is 7980 UAH. 

Please note that a fixed schedule of classes is only offered to students of:

  • English for beginners
  • preparation for IELTS