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Find your voice with myClass – an active learning community where you can practise the language with new friends and inspire each other.

Learn together, learn better

myClass will help develop more than just your English skills. Our learning space provides an immersive environment where everyone can participate and help each other grow in confidence.

You will work in small groups to complete tasks, where the teacher will observe, advise and give active feedback. Plus, with lots of speaking practise in your groups, you’ll soon develop practical English skills that you can really use.

Learn more than a language

Take your language skills to another level with myClub, a schedule of cultural and social sessions. myClub provides a great opportunity to connect with learners and practise English beyond the classroom.

You can boost your career with focused sessions on business English, improve your language technique with vocabulary and pronunciation sessions, or just relax with friends in our social conversation sessions


What is myClub?

myClub is a extra-curricular programme for myClass students that includes a wide range of language-based, cultural, professional and social activities that will help you boost your communication skills, build confidence and develop your English with topics that interest you in a fun and friendly environment.

Professional Skills

Professional Skills sessions do not focus on English development, although you will improve your workplace English. These sessions are aimed at anyone who needs strong communication skills to ensure success in projects, working relationships and teams. 

Professional Skills lessons are trial sessions of our newly introduced Professional skills workshops. For more information please visit our website

  • Professional Skills sessions take place on Wednesday at 19:30-21:00 

 Language Doctor

If you have a question or you aren't sure about a grammar point studied in class; or maybe you want some tips on how to remember new vocabulary we encourage you to attend Language Doctor classes.

Each lesson is based on a topic that will encourage conversation and interaction to polish your grammar knowledge and expand the repertoire of words and phrases you use and recognise. You will take part in a range of activities, including informal conversation, debates and discussionsin pairs and groups.

  • Language Doctor sessions take place on Tuesdays at 19:30-21:00 for Intermediate level and on Thursdays at 19:30-21:00 for Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels

Grammar Doctor

These free grammar focused sessions delivered by our experienced teachers will help you focus on those areas of grammar you need additional support in. Targeted focus in these areas helps you maximise your progress.

  • Grammar Doctor sessions take place on Wednesday at 19:30-20:30 and on Thursday at 14:15-15:15

Speaking Club

If you are a myClass student, you have a great opportunity to visit our free Speaking Club. It is aimed at practising and developing your speaking skills, improving your both fluency and accuracy. Taught by our highly-qualified teachers, the Speaking Clubs cover a wide range of familiar and engaging topics - from books and films to globalisation and space travel.

If you'd prefer to be exposed to and use English in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, if you are looking for an additional chance to improve your speaking skills, if you feel you need to get rid of a language barrier, then our Speaking Club is right for you! Come and enjoy genuine communication, express your views on arguable and controversial issues, and feel confident using your English!

Special Events  British Council Talks

Visiting our free Speaking Club? Learn more about British Council activities in Arts and International Projects!  

Do you know that the British Council has been collecting works of art? Do you know that we have been selecting the best UK music and sharing it with the world? There are a lot of exciting British Council activities that we could look at and discuss at out free myClub sessions (Special Events – British Council Talks). This is a brilliant opportunity for you to practise your English, talk to representatives of Programmes Department and get inspired by the masterpieces of art, projects in education, social security, etc. Be exposed to English as much as possible, boost your speaking skills, discover modern British culture, visual and performing arts, music etc in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

  • Speaking Club sessions take place on Monday and Friday at 19:30-20:30 and on Tuesday at 14:15-15:15

Vocabulary Booster

Our Vocabulary Booster clubs are 90-minute sessions for myClass students of Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels. Use one credit to book a club that will help you improve and expand your vocabulary through a variety of engaging communicative activities and authentic contexts. If you are keen on discovering new meanings and experimenting with new words, would like to communicate more clearly and concisely, as well as understand native speakers better - then these sessions are definitely for you. 

  • Vocabulary Booster sessions take place on Mondays at 19:45-21:15, on Tuesdays at 10:45 – 12:15 and on Saturdays at 09:30 – 11:00 for Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels and on Thursdays at 19:55 -21:25 for Intermediate level

Connecting Countries 

Wish to be more exposed to a variety of nationalities and explore different features of spoken English? Come to our free Connecting Countries sessions. Those are the global online sessions where you can meet new people from all over the world and experience genuine communication with people who do not share your native language, as well as taste the reality of living and working in a global community. Sessions are run by experienced teachers from our global British Council team and cover a range of topics from poetry discussion to national festivals, holidays and traditions across the globe. Don’t overlook your chance to focus on overcoming a language barrier and improving your speaking skills. 

  • Connecting Countries sessions take place on Wednesdays at 14:00-15:00 and on Thursdays at 13:00-14:00

(see the detailed timetable below) 

To book Connecting Countries, Professional Skills, Language Doctor, Speaking Club, Vocabulary Booster and Grammar Doctor sessions, you now can use myClass online booking system! All myClass specials are scheduled there. 

Please cancel your registration if you are unable to attend a myClub session so that other students can attend instead.

myClub timetable for myClass students:

Thursday 1 April (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor The Passive Voice
Thursday 1 April (14:15-15:15) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Tourism: Responsible, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
Thursday 1 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor Causatives 
Thursday 1 April (19:30-21:00) Vocabulary Booster Household Chores 
Thursday 1 April (19:45-21:15) Language Doctor Abstract and uncountable nouns 
Friday 2 April (10:45-12:15) Professional Skills Advanced Business Writing Essentials
Saturday 3 April (9:30-11:00) Vocabulary Booster Interests and Activities  
Saturday 3 April (9:30-11:00) Vocabulary Booster Ways of Cooking
Monday 5 April (19:45-21:15) Vocabulary Booster What animals do
Monday 5 April (19:55-21:25) Language Doctor Adjectives from names 
Tuesday  6 April (10:45-12:15) Vocabulary Booster Colour idioms 
Tuesday  6 April (10:45-12:15) Professional Skills  Responding to challenging audiences during presentations 
Tuesday  6 April (17:45-19:15) Professional Skills  Building lasting relationships in writing  
Tuesday  6 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor ‘Used to’ and ‘Be used to’  
Tuesday  6 April (19:45-20:45) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Clothes 
Wednesday 7 April (10:45-12:15) Language Doctor I wish, if only   
Wednesday 7 April (12:30-13:30) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Culinary... Arts??? 
Wednesday 7 April (19:30-20:30) Grammar Doctor 1st Conditional and future time clauses 
Wednesday 7 April (19:45-21:15) Professional Skills  Email Fundamentals 
Thursday 8 April (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous 
Thursday 8 April (14:15-15:15) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Video Games: the past, present and future  
Thursday 8 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor Reporting Verbs  
Thursday 8 April (19:30-21:00) Vocabulary Booster Environment and Environmental Issues  
Thursday 8 April (19:45-21:15) Language Doctor Comparative and Superlative Adjectives 
Friday 9 April (10:45-12:15) Professional Skills  Business Writing Fundamentals  
Saturday 10 April (9:30-11:00) Vocabulary Booster Environment and Pollution  
Saturday 10 April (9:30-11:00) Vocabulary Booster Houses, flats and rooms 
Saturday 10 April (11:45-12:45) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy  Starting a business 
Monday 12 April (19:45-21:15) Vocabulary Booster Colloquial phrasal verbs with lesser-noun verbs  
Monday 12 April (19:55-21:25) Language Doctor The Future 
Tuesday  13 April (10:45-12:15) Vocabulary Booster Collocations and idioms to talk about relationships  
Tuesday  13 April (10:45-12:15) Professional Skills Generating ideas for a speech  
Tuesday  13 April (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor Adjectives + “to” infinitive/V-ing / "that” clause / wh-clause  
Tuesday  13 April (17:45-19:15) Professional Skills Advanced presentation skills essentials 
Tuesday  13 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor Ways of expressing the future  
Tuesday  13 April (19:45-20:45) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Easter 
Thursday 15 April (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor Narrative tenses 
Thursday 15 April (14:15-15:15) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy ‘Don’t pickle anything!’ (Good v bad advice)  
Thursday 15 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor Modals of Speculation 
Thursday 15 April (19:30-21:00) Vocabulary Booster Law, crime and punishment (high frequency collocations) 
Thursday 15 April (19:45-21:15) Language Doctor Using ‘get’  
Friday 16 April (10:45-12:15 Professional Skills  Networking fundamentals  
Friday 16 April (19:30-20:30) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Compulsory Vaccination  
Saturday 17 April (9:30-11:00) Vocabulary Booster Phrasal Verbs and Idioms for talking about quality  
Saturday 17 April (9:30-11:00) Vocabulary Booster Tourism  
Saturday 17 April (11:45-12:45) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy  Following diets 
Monday 19 April (19:45-21:15) Vocabulary Booster Feelings and emotions-related collocations and idioms
Monday 19 April (19:55-21:25) Language Doctor Defining and non-defining relative clauses 
Tuesday  20 April (10:45-12:15) Vocabulary Booster Memory and Mind
Tuesday  20 April (10:45-12:15) Professional Skills  Fundamentals of positive influencing
Tuesday  20 April (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor Introductory “it / there”
Tuesday  20 April (17:45-19:15) Professional Skills  Writing informal emails
Tuesday  20 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor Reported Speech
Tuesday  20 April (19:45-20:45) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Heroes
Wednesday 21 April (10:45-12:15) Language Doctor Inversion: negative and limiting adverbs
Wednesday 21 April (12:30-13:30) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Happiness
Wednesday 21 April (19:30-20:30) Grammar Doctor Used to VS the Past Simple
Wednesday 21 April (19:45-21:15) Professional Skills Correct business writing conventions and language
Thursday 22 April (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor Review of Conditionals: 0-3
Thursday 22 April (14:15-15:15) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Age, Ageing, the Ageing Process
Thursday 22 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor Adverbs and adverbial phrases 
Thursday 22 April (19:30-21:00) Vocabulary Booster Personality adjectives 
Thursday 22 April (19:45-21:15) Language Doctor Strong adjectives: freezing, disgusting etc
Friday 23 April (10:45-12:15) Professional Skills Making your presentation memorable
Friday 23 April (19:30-20:30) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Crime and Punishment
Saturday 24 April (9:30-11:00) Vocabulary Booster Sporting Idioms
Saturday 24 April (9:30-11:00) Vocabulary Booster Cinema and Films
Saturday 24 April (11:45-12:45) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Advertising
Monday 26 April (19:45-21:15) Vocabulary Booster Vehicles and transport 
Monday 26 April (19:55-21:25) Language Doctor Cleft sentences
Tuesday  27 April (10:45-12:15) Vocabulary Booster Standards of living and life expectancy
Tuesday  27 April (10:45-12:15) Professional Skills The fundamentals of writing challenging emails
Tuesday  27 April (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor Inversion (using a question form and changing the Vb.-Subject position)
Tuesday  27 April (17:45-19:15) Professional Skills Influencing across negotiation situations
Tuesday  27 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor Word formation: adjectives and adverbs
Tuesday  27 April (19:45-20:45) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy History 
Wednesday 28 April (10:45-12:15) Language Doctor Wishes
Wednesday 28 April (12:30-13:30) Special Event  Guest speakers: our HR team 
Wednesday 28 April (19:30-20:30) Grammar Doctor Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous 
Wednesday 28 April (19:45-21:15) Professional Skills Writing credible report findings 
Thursday 29 April (14:15-15:15) Grammar Doctor Reported Speech
Thursday 29 April (14:15-15:15) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Trust: who/what can you trust in today’s world?
Thursday 29 April (19:30-21:00) Language Doctor Future Perfect, Continuous and Perfect Continuous
Thursday 29 April (19:30-21:00) Vocabulary Booster Food and Diet
Thursday 29 April (19:45-21:15) Language Doctor Compound Nouns
Friday 30 April (10:45-12:15) Professional Skills Preparing for minute-taking
Friday 30 April (19:30-20:30) Speaking: Aiming for Accuracy Talking about television

 Academic Skills

12 brand-new Academic Skills lessons for each level from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced will help develop your language and skills in new practical contexts. You will discuss topics related to education, practice taking part in tutorials and webinars, develop useful strategies to understand spoken and written English and even improve your pronunciation.

Our Academic Skills lessons were created specifically for university students and professors, researchers, exam candidates and anyone else who would like to use English in more formal situations. 

Learner Notebook

Ask your teacher for a Learner Notebook and use it in every lesson for great results.

With the help of the Learner Notebook, you can

  • Have answers to frequently asked myClass questions at your finger tips
  • Take lesson notes quickly and easily
  • Remember more words using graphic organisers
  • Understand grammar structures with the help of charts and timelines.

Use every opportunity to revise what you have learned.