MyClass is a new, flexible way for you to improve your English. With MyClass, YOU are in control of your progress. You can choose the lessons that best suit your interests and your schedule. 

Teaching is 100% face-to-face with qualified, experienced teachers, because that’s how you learn best! And to speed up your learning you will have free access to a variety of online learning activities to practice your English anytime, anywhere. 

Real Life English

MyClass gives you the English you really need by focusing on the speaking and listening that happens in everyday situations. Lessons will focus on authentic English with real-life topics and practical language tasks.


With MyClass you don’t have to wait for a new term to start. As soon as you register, you’re ready to start learning. You can sign up to any class up to one minute before the class starts.

You’re in control

When registering for the course you will be given a personalized login to our booking website. This means that you can manage your courses and track your progress on the move. 

More flexibility, greater choice

On the MyClass online booking system you can select the class date, time, topic and teacher according to your preference and schedule. What’s more, you can also change your selection up to 24 hours before the lesson begins. 

You don't pay for classes you miss

With this flexible way of learning, you can make sure you don't pay for a class that you can’t go to. Just cancel your class up to 24 hours before the start of the class. 

Handout materials

You don’t have to carry heavy books with you to the class as you will be given unique handouts every lesson. You can store these materials in flexible folder MyClass.

Who is this product for?

MyClass has been developed for people who have busy lives full of urgent meetings and unexpected calls. This product will also suit perfectly people who want to study more intensively to achieve best results as soon as possible, as well as those who have too many plans and need to study less intensively.

What will you learn?

Your lessons will focus on authentic everyday English with real-life topics and practical language tasks.

Build your confidence in speaking and listening

  • Develop your spoken ability in real-life situations
  • Receive feedback on your performance

Activate your English in class

  • Improve your English during class time
  • Learn the essential vocabulary, grammar and useful set frases to say what you want
  • Work on pronunciation in class to help you speak naturally

Extend your learning out of class

Сonsolidate your grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading by completing fun and interactive online language exercises related to your studies.

How can you track your progress?

  • At the British Council, you are not learning English on your own. Our professional teachers help monitor your progress throughout the course, using a number of assessment tasks.
  • Every 10th Speaking lesson the teacher will formally assess your progress through a speaking task in class and upload your grades to the website for you to log into and check.
  • The online booking system allows you to see your general score and how many lessons you’ve done so far.

Course structure

The course is designed exclusively for British Council students.

To give you every opportunity to enjoy your MyClass lessons when it suits you, we offer them at a wide range of morning, afternoon and evening times 6 days a week.

We know that your schedule varies and that all students learn differently. That is why there are no maximum or minimum restrictions on the number of classes you can study a week. MyClass follows a non-linear structure with complete freedom to choose which lesson you study and in which order. You can even book the same lesson again if you want.

Each level comprises 120 hours of teaching. Each lesson is 1.5 hours, so to take one level you must complete at least 80 lessons. The more you attend, the more you progress.

To determine your starting level, book a free consultation with us and take an online placement test.