Timetable and prices

Flexible timetable

myClass makes learning English easy. With a flexible timetable, you can schedule your studies when it suits you. Plus, you can use the myClass web portal or mobile app to manage your schedule:

  • Create your own personal timetable: morning, afternoon and evening lessons available, seven days a week. Set the pace of study to suit your schedule and start at any time.
  • Book on the day: schedule a lesson any time before it starts. 
  • Never miss a class: cancel a lesson with up to 24-hrs notice and keep your credit.


myClass offers credit packages to suit your lifestyle and budget. You can buy a 20, 40, 60 or 80-credit package, but remember – the more you buy, the better the savings. 

Package Duration Price per hour
20 credits 3 months 300 UAH
40 credits 6 months 265 UAH
60 credits 9 months 232 UAH
80 credits 12 months 217 UAH

Each 90-minute lesson uses up one credit.

For your convenience, and thanks to our new partner Credit Agricole bank, we now offer you the opportunity to pay your myClass course fee monthly regardless of the chosen package.