Achieve your goals

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about progress. We’ll be by your side every step of your journey, keeping you on track to achieve your life goals.

Stay on track with us

We know how important progress is to achieve your goals. Our teachers will provide expert guidance in class and regular written assessment and feedback.

Assessment will take place once every ten lessons, while you complete the lesson activities. Keep track of your progress and personalised feedback from the teacher in the MyClass website or app.

Receive extra expert feedback and practical advice on boosting your speaking skills by filming and posting a 1-minute video to answer a question posted on the MyMinute platform twice a month.

Test your language ability in topics that we cover in our Vocabulary Booster and Language Doctor classes, while you complete regular MyCheck tests twice a month. You will receive immediate feedback and extra guidance on your journey.

Learn to be your best self

Bring your learning to life beyond the classroom with self-reflection exercises. Each lesson, your teacher will encourage you to reflect on your learning, so you can see for yourself how far you have come on your journey.

Self-reflection helps to improve the effectiveness of your learning for an even more rewarding experience.

With you for the journey

Book a free MyAdvisory one-to-one session at any time with an academic adviser, who can help you complete an individual learning plan. You can schedule follow-up sessions at any time during the course, so you can refine your plan along the way, guided by your feedback, progress and needs. We recommend you book a session if you have questions about your assessment results or need more information on our additional language support sessions.