Learn English, One to one sessions, UA-YP

This type of tuition is particularly where students are short in their time and have very particular needs in learning English language and wish to concentrate more on the their own priorities rather than observe the needs of the whole group. You can choose where to study; in your office or at our school in Kyiv.

All of the individual programmes include prior analysis of your needs for preparation of the special individual course.

We offer:  

General English

Our General English courses improve your English communication skills for study, work and daily use across the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Business English

Our Business English courses focus on your communication skills through improving your grammar and vocabulary. You will learn English by participating in lots of communicative activities in business contexts. We use cutting-edge technology and the expertise you and your peers bring to the classroom to enhance your learning experience and build success.

Exam coaching (IELTS)

We will help you to prepare for English Language exams, known and recognised by schools, universities, private and public sector employers all over the English-speaking world. Success in English exams provides you with an internationally recognised certificate showing the level you have attained in English.

Presentation skills

This course will help you gain confidence in making presentations in English, and the ability to rebuild the correct approach to its structuring and presenting information to the audience.

Negotiation skills

Effective negotiation is the key to a successful business. This course will be of interest to anyone who wants to enhance their communication skills in a business environment, expand the vocabulary of business English and gain the necessary knowledge base for conducting successful negotiations.

Tailor-made specialist training programmes

Our teachers can develop a course that takes into consideration the basic needs of your company considering the specifics of your business. Through this course you will easily be able to focus on your business sector and establish relations with partners and customers.