Monday 30 November 2015 - 13:28 to Saturday 19 December 2015 - 13:28
Online course

Improve your English language skills while exploring Magna Carta, the 800-year-old “great charter” that shaped the world.

You will get immersed in history and discover how did a peace treaty signed by an English king in 1215 become such an important symbol of liberty and human rights around the world, and look at examples of English in use.

Based on the British Council’s high-quality language learning content, this course will give you a chance:

  • to practise your skills online
  • to engage with people all over the world
  • to improve your English
  • to widen your understanding of British culture

At each step of the course, our video tutor and team of educators will guide you through the topic and introduce a language focus, by looking at some examples of English in use in video and texts. 

The Exploring English: Magna Carta course is extremely flexible as it will take up to two hours of your time per week, so you can practice at any time that suits you. The course lasts for three weeks and you can join even after the start date.

The free online course is starting on Monday 30 November.