Literature is a thriving, diverse, wide-ranging part of the United Kingdom cultural sector with a global reputation for excellence. It embraces everything from basic literacy and picture books to major literary prize winners; from graphic novelists and emerging poets to renowned military historians. The literature sector includes big international publishers and festivals, but is dependent on the dedication of a multiplicity of individuals and small organisations, engaging passionate audiences. 

Ukrainian publishing sector has been steadily growing and diversifying over recent years, and it accordingly becomes more interesting to the international industry. So our literature programme focuses on efforts toward building professional connections between Ukrainian and British industry professionals and organisations through mentorship programmes, summer schools, seminars, study visits, professional and showcase trips of Ukrainian publishers to the UK and vice versa. Our International Publishing Fellowship programme has expanded to the region, including Turkey and Georgia this year.

Besides, the British Council works with the wider audience and for it, promoting outstanding and interesting authors from the UK. We are also bringing back the genre of radio plays, which had faded in popularity on Ukrainian radio, but remains one of the most vibrant and innovative radio formats in the UK, through organising local and international competitions for writers, and training for radio producers and directors. 

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