You can find information on different aspects of arts and disability by accessing the following useful resources:

  1. Animation to help explain the Social Model of Disability.
  2. Short blog explaining more about how the Social Model works.
  3. Language is an important aspect to working in an inclusive environment. If you aren’t feeling confident about the language you use, this blog is here to help and there is also a longer more discursive piece.
  4. Demystifying Access is a resource pack for peers, performance-makers and producers in the small to mid-scale on how to create better access for audiences to the performing arts.
  5. Marketing – Jo Verrent, Senior Producer at Unlimited Commissions Programme, has written a blog with some top marketing tips and a guide with the Arts Marketing Association - 
  6. Some reflections on Audio Description by Fiona Slater.
  7. British Council site is aimed at arts professionals around the world with an interest in disabled artists, and at organisations interested in how to make the arts more accessible to disabled people as audience and visitors.
  8. You may also sign up to the British Council’s Disability Arts International email newsletter.
  9. We’re aiming to make music events around the world more accessible for Deaf and disabled audiences by offering up three simple, downloadable guides from the UK to the rest of the world. Any venue, promoter, band, festival or performer should be interested in giving them a read as they contain practical, easy to follow advice to make gigs and concerts more accessible so that music can reach and include the widest possible audience. The UK live music accessibility charity Attitude is Everything developed the original guides.