The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The British Council cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine by contributing to the Year of English project in the areas of education and culture.

Global Office - logo

British Council and Global Office cooperate in ‘English Teachers as Change Agents’ programme

The British Council together with the Global Office NGO launched the ‘English Teachers as Change Agents’ programme. Developed jointly by the Council and Global Office as part of the national "Україна (Ukraine) Speaking" campaign, the programme aims to raise the level of English language instruction in Ukraine. By developing a cohort of trainers of English teachers, we’re looking to enhance the knowledge and skills of teaching professionals throughout the country.

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Working Together with 1+1 National Television

Ukrainian National Television Broadcasting Network 1+1 has recently launched a tremendous initiative: broadcasting films in English with Ukrainian subtitles. The British Council supports the project by actively promoting it, providing guidance on films and advice from our teachers to aid audience comprehension.

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Working Together with First National Television

The First Ukrainian National Broadcast Network and the British Council are set to launch an exciting new English language teaching programme co-produced by the BBC and the British Council called “Word on the Street”.  The programme aims to expose low-intermediate English-language learners to everyday, spoken language, and familiarise them with lively British youth culture.

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Cooperation with Odessa Kino Cinema branch

Cooperation with Odessa Kino Cinema

The British Council is supporting a great project initiated by a leading Ukrainian cinema line – Odessa Kino. The effort brings movies to the big screen in English with Ukrainian subtitles – an excellent method for working on listening skills and improving English comprehension and communication. The British Council is glad to contribute to this worthy project with promotional support through our public communication channels and our student data base.

Capital English

Capital English

The British Council, along with the Capital English NGO, have launched a vital project in Kyiv – “English for Patrol Police”. The project covers 600 patrol officers who work in the city’s central regions, offering them English instruction at the highest international standards, free of charge.

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Microsoft Ukraine

The British Council and Microsoft are of the common opinion that little is more important to our shared future than having well-trained teachers. Jointly with the Microsoft “Partners in Learning” programme we conducted our “Hack the Classroom” seminar – an engaging and free on-line event for instructors who are dissatisfied with the status quo and hungry for innovative solutions that will define the future of education. Attendees shared their ideas about the best uses of Internet Technology in the classroom and heard about the British Council’s global experience in the use of IT in education.

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Logo of Shkilnyi Svit publishing house

Shkilnyi Svit Publishing House

One of the projects of Shkilnyi Svit Publishing House is “English” newspaper created specifically for teachers interested in the latest trends in English instruction. The British Council is working together with the staff at “English” to raise awareness of Ukraine’s Year of English and to spread the word about studying English. The British Council contributes original material to the publication on developments in language and language learning.

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Parallel Texts Reader logo

Parallel Text Reader

Reading literature in a foreign language just got easier with the new mobile app - Parallel Text Reader. Now, even if your skill in English isn’t quite where you want it to be, you can still enjoy original English texts in a bi-lingual format that puts both the English and its translation on one screen. The app makes both a full, literary translation and a word-by-word treatment of the text available. With the additional audio track, you can also listen to selected excerpts. The British Council is glad to promote the work of the team at Parallel Text Reader, because we feel that reading literature in its original language is indispensable to mastering the language.

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There’s nothing like reading books in their original language, and so the British Council Ukraine teamed up with the Bookling online bookstore to offer our Facebook followers the chance to win a book in English from a selection of exciting titles.

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