Important information! We closed the last round of registration for the LearnEnglish Pathways course on December 15, 2016 and won’t consider applications submitted after this date. Candidates selected in November and December will be tested in mid-January 2017.

What is it?

LearnEnglish Pathways is a series of self-access courses for adult learners, available to organisations which would like to offer online English Language learning to their staff or customers.

LearnEnglish Pathways is used by organisations and in government-sponsored programmes the world over. Each course is between 30 and 40 hours long and aims to develop learners’ language through a variety of flash-based interactive online lessons. The courses are designed for self-study and require little or no additional support. Prior to the start of the course, students take an online placement test to determine their level of English. Following the test, participants receive personal access to the course at the appropriate level - from A1+ to B2.

Study time is flexible. For example, a student studying for 1.5 hours twice weekly at 30-36 hours per course – a schedule similar to that offered in many teaching centre face-to-face courses – would need between 10 and 12 weeks to complete a course. At that pace, completion of all 8 courses would require two years.

What is a course composed of?

A course is made up of six units, each focusing on a different theme (e.g. family, travel, jobs and culture), to be explored through audio recordings, text, images and video. Each unit is divided into five sections which contain between five and ten Adobe Flash-based activities. A typical course structure is illustrated in the chart below:

Typical activities include quizzes, gap fill, drag-and-drop, matching, grouping, etc. The Elementary level also contains a video section in each unit. Each section concludes with a Review comprised of a round-up and mini test.

What comes next?

Course Registration is open from the 1st to the 15th of each month. Once registration has closed, candidates are selected on the basis of the policy of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We notify all registered candidates of their selection status via email. Please carefully check your inbox, and don’t forget to look in junk mail.

At the beginning of the month following registration, selected candidates will receive a link for a placement test which will help determine their level of English. Two to three weeks after testing, participants will then receive personal access to the course. Prior to starting the course, we suggest you watch the introduction video.

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