Civil servants of Ukraine learn English with British Council
Civil servants of Ukraine learn English with British Council

The British Council conducts professional English courses for civil servants in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government has set European integration as a priority vector of its foreign policy and therefore knowledge of English, the language of international communication, is an essential feature. The programme has started in 2011 and moves now to its most active phase and will last until March, 2015.

Participants of the programme are higher (top, senior) and middle level servants of the apparatus of the Parliament of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of education, Ministry of foreign affairs and Ministry of justice. The total number of participants reaches almost 300. Deputy Ministers, heads of departments of international cooperation and eurointegration and other officials will be trained during the current year and until March of the next year by highly professional teachers. The British Council drafted training programmes, specially designed to meet the needs and demands of the civil servants in their respective areas – such as legal, educational and international issues. 

Prior to the beginning of the course participants took a test to determine their level of English and were divided into corresponding groups. Upon completion of the course every participant will pass the Aptis test (an internationally recognised English language certificate). 

Due to recent political situation in Ukraine the courses in several ministries were delayed. In particular the courses held on the premises of the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of justice resumed their work either last or this week in view of their close proximity to the epicentre of events.

The swift development of events in Ukraine and the intension of Ukrainian government to sign the Association Agreement with the EU in the nearest future adds to the importance and topicality of knowledge of English. Future communication with European organizations and institutions require that high (top, senior) and middle level civil servants have professional command of English.

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