At the British Council, you are not learning English on your own. All our courses are taught by highly qualified, experienced teachers who are best placed to give constructive, individualised feedback and monitor your progress through regular in-class evaluated tasks. Meet some of our myClass teachers:

Diana Eftaiha

Diana completed her Cambridge CELTA teacher training with Manchester Academy of English in the UK. She has taught English in various countries, and has worked with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Elizabeth Kourkov

Elizabeth is from England. She has a BA honours in Russian and Soviet Studies and has a TESOL, a CELTYL and also a Trinity Diploma in English Language Teaching. Liz started teaching at the British Council in Kyiv when it first opened in 1992 when she first conducted teacher training and then trainer training. Currently, she is teaching pre-school children. Liz is interested in teaching very young children as well as Business English and Exams.

Fredrik Henriksson

Fredrik was born in Malmo, Sweden. He left Sweden for Scotland to study History at the University of Aberdeen and it was during the summer breaks while at university that he discovered that he enjoyed teaching English.After university he returned to Sweden, before going to England and gaining a CELTA certificate. He then spent the next six years teaching in China before coming to Ukraine. Fredrik obtained his IHCYLT in 2011.

Galyna Usova

Galyna was born in Kharkov. She got her CELTA in 1996, a Certificate in Business English Teaching (IHBET 2008) and IHCTYL (2010).In 2009 Galyna became a Cambridge examiner (FCE, CAE) and in 2011 she successfully completed a course in Advanced Methodology (CAM).

Hanna Shagina

Hanna has about 16 years of teaching experience. In the first four years of her career she worked as a university professor, then she went on to work for several prominent centres of foreign languages, specializing mostly on teaching English for Cambridge Exams and IELTS. She got her CELTA in 2009, CPE in 2011. In 2014 she got a job offer from the British Council Hong Kong, where she worked until September 2018. She got TYLEC in 2016, Trinity Diploma in TESOL in 2017.

Helen Popova

Helen is from Kyiv and has MA Honours in teaching English and German. She did her CELTA and CELTYL the same year she graduated from Nizhyn Gogol State University in 1999.Helen then started working for International House Kyiv. In 2006 Helen became a Teacher Trainer in the first Young Learner Teacher Training Course in Kyiv. In February 2012 she joined the British Council Kyiv. What she likes the most about teaching is observing students’ progress in her classes and enjoying their great feedback.

Julyan Johns

Julyan is from Croydon, England, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural and Historical studies. He has a CELTA, an IHCYLT and is a Cambridge FCE/CAE examiner.He taught in Odessa for nine years before coming to the British Council in 2009, and is most happy in a class of enthusiastic learners.

Kateryna Powell

Kate calls herself a citizen of the world because of the number of countries she has been to. She graduated from Gorlovka Teachers Training Institute for Foreign Languages (with honors) and has an MA in Education. She worked as a camp counsellor at Camp Hi-Rock, Massachusetts, USA. She’s been teaching English since 2005. She worked with students from the Middle East, Asia and other countries and was promoted to the HOD position of ESL department in a British curriculum school in Malaysia.

Kateryna Stenzia

Kateryna graduated from Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University in 2001 and has been working as an English language teacher since then. Her first workplace was Luhansk Foreign Languages Lyceum. In 2014, she moved to Kyiv and worked as a private English language tutor. In 2018, she took her CELTA course and joined the BC team. For Kateryna, teaching English is a happy combination of a hobby and a job. In her free time she loves playing Dungeons and Dragons and Dixit.

Lidia Kurylo

Lidia is from Cherkassy Region. When she was 17, Lidia moved to Kyiv to study at the Kyiv National Linguistic University. She obtained a PhD degree in teaching English there. Lidia took her CELTA at the British Council. She has been working as an English teacher since 2003. She worked for the National Defence Academy of Ukraine and Kyiv National Linguistic University. Lidia joined the British Council in 2012 in the Teaching English to Civil Servants project and then the teaching centre in 2017.