There are three key elements of the Creative Enterprise Ukraine

  • Training 
  • Post-training support scheme for selected projects 
  • Alumni network 


The UK innovations agency Nesta has done research on the specific business needs of people working in the cultural and creative industries. The result is their  Creative Enterprise Toolkit: a step-by-step interactive resource to help creative people plan, build, communicate and launch their new creative business. The toolkit offers people a useful framework for developing, testing and turning creative ideas into sustainable businesses. 

The toolkit lies at the core of our training sessions and helps to internationalise the method amongst creative businesses around the world. So far tools provided by the training have been used by hundreds of creative entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Brazil, UAE, Vietnam, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, China, Israel and Ukraine. 

The training allows participants to explore their existing businesses or business ideas from the point of finances, customers and development potential.  The fourth day, delivered by PwC Ukraine, covers the specifics of running a business in Ukraine, namely: taxation, registration, hiring personnel, etc. 

Post-training support 

After completing the training, some of the participants can access post-training support scheme. There are four types of support available, in order to allow relevant responses to different types of request and challenges: express consultancy, business mentorship sessions, strategic sessions and peer groups. 

By September 2019, 41 alumni have received post-training support for their projects.  

Alumni Network  

According to the Impact Survey of the programme 27% of Programme alumni cooperate with other alumni in some way.  Programme alumni can receive post-training support, as well as have access to Programme events and opportunities.