We have partnered with innovation agency Nesta in the UK, disseminating their creative business training methodology in more than 15 countries worldwide, helping creative entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and the skills to strengthen their businesses and/or transform an idea into a sustainable enterprise. 


  • Participants should come from business or startups in any of the following sectors: publishing, design, fashion, crafts, architecture, visual arts, music, performing arts, film, radio/TV, photography, video games, digital media, festival management, creative hubs, IT solutions for cultural/creative initiatives, etc.
  • Creative Enterprise Ukraine is designed for entrepreneurs at the very start of their business career. It is recommended that participants are either established entrepreneurs with no more than 2 years of experience, or people at a pre-trading stage, with a creative idea which they wish to turn into a business. 

In Ukraine the programme was launched in 2015. So far we have delivered 24 training sessions for 505 young entrepreneurs in 9 cities across the country.

Сreative Enterprise in Ukraine is delivered by local Nesta-certified facilitators. Participants are selected via open call. One training session can accommodate up to 25 people. 

The programme is delivered in partnership with creative hubs across the country as well as with PwC, who help to contextualise Nesta’s business method.

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