Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone

 Director: Viktoriya Filonchuk

Cast: Tetyana Shumejko, Nataliya Maksymenko

Chernihiv Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater

In the Chernihiv Taras Shevchenko Musical Drama Theatre production of Selma Dimitrijevic’s ‘Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone’, it was with the help of her sister and scenographer Olga, (who primarily works in puppet theatre), that play director Victoria Filonchuk happened on the idea behind the two most gripping episodes in the staging. In these, mother and daughter are doubled on-screen in enlarged silhouette that visualize their inner demons released and at play. 

These scenes both reflect and depart from the overall artistic structure of the play. The focus on the unadorned reproduction of the author’s dialogue is well structured, yet has actresses Natalia Maksymenko and Tetyana Shumeyko working valiantly to breathe life into the conflict via, frankly, some rather tired techniques of the 

Ukrainian theatrical academy. Ultimately, they offer a workmanlike delivery of the message to seek understanding among our loved ones, though the intimacy of the exchange is lost in the delivery.

Author of the text: Sergiy Vasylyev, a theater critic

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