Roman Sirenko

Recruiting Platform for Cybersports HexWix, Kharkiv

Roman’s initial idea was that of a school for cybersports, but in the process of developing the school he understood that on the Ukrainian cybersport market there wasn’t a platform for players to form teams or select from available players. Roman insists that Ukraine has the potential to become a world-leader in cybersport, and so directed all his efforts to the development of an online platform.

About the Training

Roman attended Creative Enterprise training in winter 2017. He wanted to apply better structure to what he knew and get some feedback on the idea of ​​a recruiting platform for cybersports. Roman revealed that most of training participants did not understand the concept of cybersports, but was confident that every business undergoes a similar process, and he was interested in understanding how they might react to his idea. During Creative Enterprise training Roman formulated the mission of the HexWix platform: to provide a platform for the promotion and development of the ecosystem and the community of those interested in cybersports and to raise the development of cybersports in Ukraine to new heights.

Following the training, Roman reassembled his team and began to work on the platform. In autumn of 2017 he launched the test version. Social media were proving to be the most effective platform for promoting the platform. Currently, some 600-800 users are active in the platform, or, about 70% of all registered.

Roman won at the final pitch event within the Creative Enterprise Ukraine 2017, his money prize allowing him the chance to take part in the accelerated programme RadarTech from Kyivstar. The HexWix team became one of the five accelerator winners and will receive support from Kyivstar in the commercial launch of the HexWix platform in 2018. Roman says that their participation in RadarTech was partly supported by Creative Enterprise - one of his fellow participants referred him to the opportunity of joining the acceleration programme.


In 2018, a full version of the HexWix platform is scheduled to be released, in which there are three components: a recruiting platform, a module for tournament organizers and player content (how to develop their game skills, presentation skills before potential investors, etc.). After launching the platform, the team plans to work on marketing and sales.

Key Figures:

● The project team has grown from 3 to 10 people;

● Plans to attract at least 5,000 users and 30 tournament organizers in 2018;

● Plans to organize at least 10 city-level tournaments.