The Culture Bridges Programme now invites proposals from companies and private entrepreneurs to provide the Content Management services for the Culture Bridges Services. The terms of engagement will be established using a Framework Service Contract.

Please, pay attention that this partnership doesn’t assume the employment. To apply with proposals, you should have either legal entity or be a private entrepreneur.

It is anticipated that an initial Framework Contract will be awarded for a period of almost three years (May 2018 – October 2020) during which time content management services will be required according to the needs of the Programme.

The Content Management services include:

  • Writing and editing of publications for the programme website in Ukrainian: preparing case studies with/about the programme participants and stakeholders, taking interviews and preparing them for publishing, writing articles and announcements about the programme activities (workshops, study tours, grant calls etc.);
  • Publishing texts on the programme website;
  •  Writing, editing and managing the programme newsletter.

Estimated total amount of publications is up to 100 in 3 years (3-4 materials per month). Amount of materials can be changed according to the programme needs.

Newsletters will be issued once per month.

The successful candidate should meet such criteria:

  • Experience in content management and website editing with examples of work;
  • Experience in newsletter management is desirable;
  • Experience in writing about culture and creative industries is desirable;
  • Excellent knowledge of Ukrainian. Ability to speak and write in English is desirable.

To find out more and apply, please follow this link