The Culture Bridges programme is looking for Delivery Partners to conduct ten cultural management workshops in 2018 and 2019 for representatives of smaller cities of Ukraine. Five workshops will be held in 2018 and five workshops in 2019.

The cities will be identified jointly by the Programme Team, Delivery Partner and Programme Steering Committee.

Some of the workshops will be organised for representatives of city councils and local government who are working in the field of culture. At least five workshops will be delivered for independent cultural operators.

At the end of each workshop, participants will be able to bid for seed funding of up to €2,500 to implement a cultural project in their locality. All applications will be assessed by the expert trainers/Delivery Partner, and confirmed by the Programme Director, who will award two grants for each workshop group (20 in total).

Workshop requirements:

  • The duration of each workshop is two full days.
  • Each workshop will be attended by at least 25 trainees and one Culture Bridges team member.
  • Each workshop should be delivered by a maximum of two trainers.
  • At least two successful cases should be presented at each workshop (successful cultural projects/initiatives).
  • Each workshop should combine both theoretical and practical elements. Visualisation and examples from the cultural sector of Ukraine are highly desirable.
  • The working language of the workshops will be Ukrainian or Russian, depending on location and participant preference. All workshop materials should be produced in Ukrainian.

The total estimated budget for each workshop is €5,000 including service fees and all necessary taxes.

To find out more about all details and how to apply, please download this document.