Join us for a week-long celebration to bring real positive changes to the lives of our customers in Ukraine. Whether you are a student, a visitor, a friend or a partner – come to the premises of the British Council on October 19th and let us take you on a trip.

We will start with some gifts and treats on Monday to make the departure special. Yes, there will be pictures! We have prepared the whole photo set as memories are the most important part of every trip. Moreover, every photo is welcome to enter a competition to win a valuable prize. To take part in the competition you need to upload your photo with our banner to the social media with the hashtag #BritishCSW. In the end of the week we will randomly choose the winner. 

Tuesday and Thursday will be remarkable for those travelling with children. Are you an adult willing to experience our Young Learners class? Register for the workshops and get hands-on advice on how to help your kid with the homework, understand their needs and achieve progress.

As we drive together, do not worry about the directions and safety issues – till Thursday ask our crew anything (even their favourite ice-cream taste) by leaving your questions in a special box near the reception area. Get your answers and receive personal greetings from everyone on board during the Answers Hour on Friday.

To create a comfortable atmosphere on board of the British Council office we introduce a relaxation session on Saturday. Bring a yoga met, learn English as you inhale and get rid of stress as you exhale.

19 Oct, Monday Photo-zone  Whole week
19 Oct, Monday Question box

Till 22 Oct, Thursday 20:00

20 Oct, Tuesday YL parents workshop Primary  14:15-15:15 
20 Oct Tuesday YL parents workshop Secondary  16:00-17:00 
22 Oct, Thursday YL parents workshop Primary  14:15-15:15 
22 Oct, Thursday YL parents workshop Secondary  16:00-17:00 
23 Oct, Friday Answers hour 16:00-17:00
24 Oct, Saturday  Relaxation/meditation session  13:00-15:00