It is an online portal designed to enhance your child’s progress in English.

  • There is a range of activities to consolidate what was learnt in class as well as opportunities for them to create digital content that can be posted for evaluation.
  • It’s a place where all our Secondary Plus groups and Primary Plus 3’s to 6’s will have both pre and post lesson tasks to complete. 
  • It enables our younger Primary Plus 1’s and 2’s to review post lesson through interactive games and activities.
  • It is a place where students can check their progress and develop their English. 
  • There is a discussion board where your children can check their homework tasks and ask questions to the teacher.

To find out how to log in and how to make the most of the learning hub, we recommend short videos (for Primary Plus 1-2, Primary Plus 3-6, Secondary Plus and a general tutorial).

Please have a look at our Welcome to the new learning hub - `how to` guide for more information on how to join a virtual class and what the house rules are.