What to expect from your course?

Welcome (back) to the British Council!

Here is some important information to talk through with your child before they start their first class. It will help them understand what is expected of them and reassure them that they will enjoy the course.

On your course you will:

  • have fun!
  • do lots of activities, songs, stories and games in English
  • follow the adventures of Shaun the Sheep
  • be supported by your teachers if you have any problems.

The expectations of the classroom are that you will:

  • bring your course magazine, notebook and folder each week (given to you by the teacher)
  • bring stationery each week
  • participate in class
  • be nice to your classmates and your teachers
  • put your hand up to speak
  • try to speak with your classmates and teachers in English
  • ask your teachers if you don't understand or don't know something in English
  • not shout or run in class.
  • not eat or drink in class (a bottle of water is ok) except at breaktime.
  • talk to your teacher if you have a problem of any kind.

The structure of the class may go something like this:

  • greet each other and your teacher and get your course magazine and stationery out of your bag.
  • review rules of the classroom, check homework and/or review language learnt in a previous class through a game or song.
  • learn new language introduced in the course magazine through reading/listening texts or Shaun the Sheep videos.
  • practise the language through games or songs or exercises from the course magazine.
  • produce new language in speaking or writing activities and during the final project of the magazine.
  • reflect on your learning during the class.

To practise English at home, try:

- Did you play a game?
- Did you sing a song? Show a family member the movements to the song.
- Did you read a story? Tell them what the story was about.
- What was your favourite activity in the class?

  • look at your magazine with a member of your family and tell them what you practised:

- Talk about the pictures.
- Talk about what happened in the Shaun the Sheep episode.
- Did you practise any new words? What words do you remember?
- Did you practise a question? Ask your family the question!
- What did you do for your final project?