Docudays UA
Friday 24 April 2020 to Sunday 10 May 2020

17 Docudays UA festival will be streamed online this year due to the quarantine! From 24 April  to 10 May, over 50 documentary films will be available to watch for free on DOCU/SPACE  platform! Also, all DOCU/CLASS workshops will take place online.

The British Council in Ukraine presents the Lost Film Found: Scotland in Focus programme at the festival. We also invite you to join the panel discussion Filmmaking despite fragile situation: Scottish experience which will take place on 28 April at 17:00. Live broadcast of the event will take place on the main festival page.

Many Scottish filmmakers have made history of the world cinema, expanding the language and possibilities of this art. However, their connection to Scotland often gets lost under the layers of information, circumstances, time. Decades ago, the Scottish director John Grierson, a popularizer of the very definition of ‘documentary’, was once recognized as the ‘father of Canadian and British documentary’. The cinematic voices of modern Scotland also often sound in other languages or tell the stories of other countries. In the context of today’s global political tendencies and changes, such diffusion leads to a thirst for ‘finding’ – finding the lost, finding the unheard, returning, feeling the specific place, etc.

We decided to create a program that speaks about Scotland in the language of its directors, its inhabitants, its everyday life. About the problems and poetry of its suburbs, about the children and parents who live in them, about its artists, factory workers, athletes.

Scheme Birds (2019). Directors: Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin 

Complicated stories of young people finding their own ways in life in the small town of Motherwell, where the community is trying to survive after the closure of the steelworks. 

Where I Am is Here: Margaret Tait at 100

It is a poetic look at everyday life in a retrospective selection of films by Scotland's outstanding independent avant-garde cinema director Margaret Tait who remained relatively unknown during her lifetime.

Alexander’s Film (2019). Director: Mark Cousins.

Alexander is a lively Scottish boy. We see him as part of the natural world. Then, we hear from his parents, Claire and David, that he has a rare disease. 

The Review (2016). Director: Wilma Smith.

In the Suburbs of a Scottish Town, the life of a family quietly revolves around one of their sons’ passion for football. As the annual ‘Review Night’ in his club is approaching and the family are uncertain if he will remain signed. A beautiful and funny portrait between a mother and her teenage son.

The Third Dad (2015) Director: Teresa Moerman Ib.

The heroine of the film had not seen her father for 15 years. After his death, she sets out to find her father’s grave. It is a personal journey that interweaves memory, self-discovery and a desperate attempt at reconciliation.

Where We Are Now (2016) Director: Lucy Rachel

A personal insight into the changing relationship between a young woman and her transgender parent. Looking back on their relationship, they share their own experiences of coming out and begin to think about what the future might hold for their family now the decision to transition has been made…

The program«Lost Film Found: Шотландія у фокусі»  is co-curated by Xosé-Ramón “Mon” Rivas and Docudays UA and supported by the British Council in Ukraine.