Saturday 15 June 2019 - 18:00 to Saturday 29 June 2019 - 18:00

A politically edged drama by playwright David Edgar

“This is a play about life’s fragility. It’s a cautionary play – a warning.” Larisa Didenko, Ukrainian director of ‘Pentecost’

18+ This performance is intended for adult audiences.

An abandoned church in the Balkans set at the historical crossroads of invading armies is transformed into an intersection of cultural conflict. A mural dating from the Middle Ages is discovered in the church and soon becomes a source of contention. As the play progresses the work is rendered both hostage and victim. The suspenseful pace of the production draws the viewer into an impenetrable tangle of contemporary themes – social discord, terrorism, flight and evacuation – all of which have recently become familiar to Ukrainians. Ultimately, the question at the core of the play – what do we hope to build after our conflict is settled – is one that will have to be answered in this country. Will we construct a Tower of Babel or a path, a bridge to concord and cooperation? Will we isolate from others or are we ready to accept the gift of Pentecost – the common tongue of a shared humanity?

Author – celebrated British playwright David Edgar.

In 1994, Pentecost was recognized as “Play of the Year” in Great Britain.

The production was selected as a winner of the 2018 Taking the Stage competition and is made possible with support from the British Council in Ukraine.

Director: Larisa Didenko

Art director: Bohdan Polishchuk

Musical Score: Bohdana Bonchuk, Andriy Siletsky

Choreography: Liudmila Pernepesova

Lighting: Svitlana Korenkova

Assistant director: Olga Happa

British Council project mentor: Caroline Steinbeis


Anastasia Khavunka, Dmytro Bartkov, Ihor Huliuk, Andriy Siletsky, Andriy Roschis, Oleksandr Chesherov, Ihor Danchuk, Olga Happa, Bohdana Bonchuk, Katerina Volivetska, Yulia Kuzmyak, Yuri Kurilo, Olena Krilova, Yaroslav Derpak, Lesia Shkapiak, Oleksandr Triphoniuk, Natalia Bilan


June 15, Saturday June 16, Sunday June 29, Saturday