Salt from Bonnevill
Wednesday 22 January 2020 -
19:30 to 21:00
Scene 6 of the Dovzhenko Center, St. Vasylkivska,1 (Golosiyivska St.)

Salt from Bonneville (2020) with live score composed and performed by Luka Lebanidze and Zviad Mgebrishvili 

On 22 January a musical film performance will take place at the Dovzhenko Center within the Envision Sound program - composers Luka Lebanidze and Zviad Mgebrishvili, accompanied by Sed Contra Ensemble, will perform a live score for the documentary adventure film “Salt from Bonneville” (2020) by Simon Mozgovyi. At the event viewers will see a special montage of movie fragments that will emphasize the interaction of image and music. Following the performance the audience is invited for a talk with the director and the composers about their work on the film.

“Salt from Bonneville” is the adventure drama about two friends of friends from Kiev trying to break the world speed record on a modified Soviet motorcycle, at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA.  And, finally, setting a speed record becomes a great test of their friendship. According to the director, this is not just a movie about speed records. This is a movie about what's behind the record. This is a movie about the challenges that a person puts for himself for the sake of his dream and personality.

Bonneville Salt is one of the most anticipated and promising documentaries of Ukraine in 2020. In the autumn of 2019, it was presented at the world's largest IDFA Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Simon Mozgovy, the film’s director: “The joint work of a composer and director cannot be limited to dry writing of tracks. After all, editing a documentary is the choice of one version of a story when there are many. The Envision Sound musical film performance will show what can emerge at the intersection of the documentary and contemporary music. The movie's plot goes beyond the screen and becomes something else. It is a unique documentary filmmaking that transitions into other layers of art, more like a performance than a classic show.”

The movie was created with the support of Derzhkino.