We have exciting news for you: from February 2019, myClass is becoming even more flexible! 

Every week, you will be able to attend one or two special myClass lessons a week from any place of your choice, simply by joining our virtual classroom. 

You will see your teacher and the other participants on the screen, share files and chat, use the electronic whiteboard and take part in discussions in pairs in virtual ‘rooms’ under your teacher’s guidance.

What do you need to become our virtual student?

  1. Have a computer/laptop with a working webcam
  2. Have a reliable broadband Internet connection
  3. Install and get comfortable with Zoom
  4. Book a virtual myClass lesson on the OBS. 

We will start offering a few lessons for the Intermediate level in winter, followed by other levels in spring. Our traditional face-to-face offer will remain unchanged, and the new online feature will be an add-on to it. Please note that it is a trial limited offer and may not become a permanent feature of myClass – unless you tell us that you find it useful!